Local policing priorities for Cuckoo Oak and Ironbridge

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Our Priority is to ensure that residents do not have to be disturbed by this behaviour and we take action under section 59.

Issued 7 September, 2017

Action taken

So far we have some Risk management plans in place to record our patrols and findings. We have liaised with the council who have assisted us in erecting a camera that monitors the car park. Regular patrols happen and discussions with residents to further our intelligence take place. We rely on information given by the public via face to face meetings or 101 reports. We will action any illegal behaviour in the area either by use of a section 59 warning or seizure or by reporting for traffic offences.


Our priority is to ensure that the footpaths of sutton hill are safe for pedestrians and that no illegal use of motorcycles occur on the estate of sutton hill.

Issued 6 September, 2017

Action taken

We are currently devising a list of intelligence and known users of these bikes and working to identify by use of CCTV.

Update 2018

We are working closely with the Hub on the hill (Sutton hill centre) as it falls under new management. A new youth club is to be set up to engage children of all ages where the police will hold youth surgery. The centre has now been equipped with a new MUGA (Multi use games area) where youths can play in a much better equipped environment.

Motorbike problems will never cease on the estate due to the way that the estate was built however we have seen a drop in reports of anti social riding and as a team will continue to monitor and work closely with the community.


Recent community engagement  raised  additional concerns of  young people openly dealing drugs on their estates.


Issued 7 August, 2017

Action taken

Cuckoo Oak & Ironbridge Safer Neighbourhood Team and Special Constables will conduct a series of daytime and late hour operations to detect/deter offender(s) within the area.

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