Local policing priorities for Cuckoo Oak and Ironbridge

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Reports of dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside John Randall and Haughton School. Local residents report that vehicles regularly block footpaths and driveways during school closing time. In addition, vehicles use the grass verge between Ironbridge Road and Kemberton Drive as a cut through, which places other road users and pedestrians at risk.


Other concerns were that vehicles also park on double and single yellow lines on Queen Street and also on road junctions.

Issued 11 June, 2018

Action taken

Safer Neighbourhood Officers will visit the location at specific times to tackle the issue within the next 4wks.


Vehicles found causing a nuisance or parked illegally will be dealt with appropriately.

Attending officers will also carry out spot checks for document offences such as Tax, MOT and Insurance.

Dedicated officers will also look at seatbelt misuse and take appropriate action.


Reported  excess  vehicle speeds along  20mph speed zone near to Alexander Fleming School and Sutton Hill Centre.

Issued 21 May, 2018

Action taken

Drivers  found driving at excess speeds will be prosecuted as per West Mercia force policy.

Actioned 24 May, 2018


Our Priority is to ensure that residents do not have to be disturbed by this behaviour and we take action under section 59.

Issued 7 September, 2017

Action taken

So far we have some Risk management plans in place to record our patrols and findings. We have liaised with the council who have assisted us in erecting a camera that monitors the car park. Regular patrols happen and discussions with residents to further our intelligence take place. We rely on information given by the public via face to face meetings or 101 reports. We will action any illegal behaviour in the area either by use of a section 59 warning or seizure or by reporting for traffic offences.

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