Local policing priorities for Brookside

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Off road bikes and mini-motos are a priority issue in Brookside and other areas of South Telford. Riders often do not realise the dangers of riding at high speed in public areas and on footpaths, and the nuisance they cause to members of the local community.

We received numerous complaints about people who ride these bikes, often without insurance or a driving licence.

The areas most affected within the Brookside area are the fields surrounding Holmer Lake and heading towards Halesfield, and the footpaths within the main Brookside estate.

This issue is impacting on the community, both by being a nuisance through engine noise and damage to grassed areas, and the danger they pose on public footpaths.

Issued 4 January, 2018

Action taken

We are increasing patrols in areas where we receive complaints in an effort to apprehend any offenders.

When we catch offenders, one of our options for dealing with them is to issue a Section 59 Warning Notice, when a vehicle is being used in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance. This warning can be issued when a vehicle is being driven in a careless or inconsiderate manner, or when it is riding off road. If a second warning is received within 12 months, Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers can seize the vehicle and recover it to a secure compound.


Brookside centre has seen a vast amount of regeneration and a great deal of money has been spent to make it a better place. We all remember the old centre which was run down and not a pleasant place to shop or visit. The SNT are now receiving reports of drinking by adults and youths and general nuisance Anti-social Behaviour in the area.

Issued 4 January, 2018

Action taken

We are patrolling daily between 1500 and midnight and will be dealing with any individuals accordingly.

Actioned 4 January, 2018

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