Police Constable Lee Thomas

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Police Constable Lee Thomas is part of the local policing team for Newport.

Police Constable Lee Thomas

Lee has policed the Telford area as a Patrol Response Officer for over 10 years, the vast majority of this time working in the Donnington and Newport areas.

Since early 2015 Lee has been in post as the Temporary Safer Neighbourhood Officer for the Newport area which includes not only the main town, but also the outlying villages including Lilleshall, Church Aston, Edgmond, Tibberton and Sambrook.

Since taking over the role Lee has been instrumental in introducing the Mobile Police Station service to both Newport town and the villages, increasing the police visibility especially in the outlying areas and providing a personal point of contact service to those areas which never previously had a permanent police post.

Lee is also working with local schools and residents to address the long-standing issue of parking poblems throughout the town and alongside the PCSO team and local publicans to introduce a Newport wide Pubwatch scheme, designed to further enhance the safety and enjoyment of visitors to the town's nighttime economy.


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