Local policing priorities for Whitchurch

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Anti-social behaviour and drug related activity in the town centre and surrounding area.

Issued 2 September, 2018

Action taken

SNT officers with the support of Patrol Officers if required to address issues of ASB.

Drug offences dealt with.



You people are reported to be drinking underage and using drugs in Jubilee park, putting themselves and others at risk. A lot of litter is also being left by people in the car park.

Issued 24 May, 2018

Action taken

There has been a reduction in youth related ASB in the park although the areas are still subject to ASB and criminal offences.

SNT are liaising with the town council to improve CCTV, security of the memorial garden and requesting the provision of bins in the car park.

Actioned 10 May, 2018


Speeding vehicles on the High Street, Wrexham Road, Chester Road and Tarporley Road in Whitchurch;  Station Road in Prees; through Quina Brook, on the A49 near Holly Farm Nurseries and the A41 past Higher Heath

Issued 24 April, 2018

Action taken

Speed checks will be carried out by SNT in in the areas at various times of  the day.  Representations will be made to the Safer Road Partnership to arrange periodic speed checks on these roads by their team.  Special Constables will be allocated to carry out speed enforcement during peak times. 

Actioned 5 May, 2018

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