Local policing priorities for Ludlow

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Drivers exceeding the speed limit, continues to be an issue.  Members of the community have been in contact with SNT to report these issues.  The Police and Community Speed Watch teams will target areas of concern.

Issued 10 September, 2018

Action taken

Ludlow SNT have carried out a number of speed checks on Sheet Road, Fishmore, Clee Hill and Corve Street amongst many more locations.
Tickets have been issued to drivers for both speeding offences and vehicle defects.  In recent months, 2 vehicles have been seized for not being taxed or having an valid MOT.
Ludlow SNT have also been working alongside Community Speed Watch teams in both Clee Hill and Doddington and we encourage any other communities to get in contact with Community Speed Watch to form their own group.

PC Mason and PCSO Hinton have continued to monitor traffic speed at various locations where the concern has ben raised including; Richards Castle, Parys Road, Knowbury, Middleton and Caynham.
If you have any locations in mind which could be considered for speed monitoring, please contact the team at ludlow.snt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

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