Local policing priorities for Shrewsbury Rural South and West

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Poachers appear to be targeting rural farmland's and estates to carry out this illegal activity.

Issued 13 September, 2017

Action taken

Police attended a call of poaching in the area of Upton Magna recently. This resulted in the detection of four person's found night poaching with dogs.

Actioned 20 December, 2017


Police have seen an increase in calls reporting nuisance scrap metal collects driving slowly around Bayston Hill and taking items from outside properties without the owners permission.

Issued 8 August, 2017

Action taken

To deal with any potential scrap metal theft and vehicle offences as appropriate. SNT will increase patrols at times where such activity has been identified as problematic.

Result: Police located a White Van within Bayston Hill reported to be acting as a Rogue Scrap Metal Dealer although no items were found, vehicle offences were identified and reported for summons.

Actioned 8 December, 2017