Local policing priorities for Shrewsbury Rural East

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


During Autumn and Winter months incidents of Hare Coursing, Game Poaching and Criminal Damage in acts associated with Poaching significantly increase.

Issued 13 September, 2017

Action taken

October 2017- Whatsapp group created to report suspicious activity to interested parties, stakeholders are then in a position to look out for vehicles being used by suspected poachers and where appropriate report sightings to police.

December 17th / December 18th 2017- Police, Estate Managers, Land Owners and Game Keepers ran night time operation to detect and prevent incidents of Night Poaching.

December 19th 2017- PC 285 David Walton attended National Conference at NFU Headquarters in Stoneleigh to share good practice and gain learning in the area of Hare Coursing. More than 30 Police Forces were represented.

February 9th 2018- Police, Estate Managers, Land Owners and Game Keepers ran night time operation to detect and prevent incidents of Night Poaching.

February 16th 2018- Police, Estate Managers, Land Owners and Game Keepers ran night time operation to detect and prevent incidents of Night Poaching.


Actioned 1 May, 2018


Residents from Bayston Hill have reported the sighting of white vans touring the village at slow speeds acting suspiciously, sightings are followed by subsequent reports of white goods and scrap metal being removed from private driveways without owners permission.

Issued 8 August, 2017

Action taken


Police to deploy to incidents of Scrap Metal and White Goods theft from resident's driveways.

Police to liaise with Shropshire Council Licensing

Police to use Social Media to update public with legislation and details of real time incidents.

Police to encourage residents from leaving Scrap Metal and White Goods on driveways.


15.1.2018-Between 21.09.17 and 15.01.18 there were 8 incidents  whereby activity suggested persons were frequenting Bayston Hill and acting as unlicensed Scrap Metal Collectors. Sightings of the following vehicles should be reported to Police on 101

1) White Ford Transit VRM ending NEG

2) White Ford Transit VRM ending EVC

Both Motor Vehicles are registered to Birmingham addresses and are flagged on the Police National Computer with information markers.

15.1.2018- Tweet from @ShrewsburyCops outlining what to look for with bona fide Scrap Metal Collectors. Legitimate vehicles will have a local authority issued licence clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

16.1.2018- National Scrap Dealers Register checked neither of the Ford Transits listed above are recorded as acting as legitimate Scrap Metal Collectors within Shropshire.

2.2.2018- Liaised with Public Protection Officers at Shropshire Council to discuss solution to dealing with unlicensed Scrap Metal Dealers in Bayston Hill. Joint operation proposed for March 2018.

2.2.2018- White Ford Transit details obtained for one of the regular visitors, Vehicle Registration Number ending EVW.

11.2.2018- White Vauxhall Movano, Vehicle Registration Number ending HMS seen in Bayston Hill acting suspiciously and thought to be looking for scrap metal. Stopped by Police in Roman Road and Eastern European male residing in West Midlands area spoken to. He had small amount of scrap metal in rear of vehicle and had no Scrap Collectors Licence or Waste Carriers Licence.

19.2.2018- Driver of White Movano Van from 11.2.2018 and 5 other suspected unlicensed Scrap Metal Collectors sent Community Protection Notice Warnings.

27.2.2018- Day of Action arranged for a date in March 2018 with Police and Shropshire Council Public Protection Officials to converge upon Bayston Hill. The purpose of the day will be to locate and deal with any unlicensed Scrap Metal Collectors and advise members of the public who are found to be leaving scrap metal and/or white goods on their driveways for collection.

Actioned 8 December, 2017

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