Local policing priorities for Castlefields and Bagley

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.



Insecure and secure vehicles have had valuables taken and some vehicles have been vandalised they have appeared to be scratched with a key or sharp instrument.


By following the advice below you can help us prevent opportunist thieves from striking.

  1. Never leave anything on show in your vehicle
  2. Take your sat nav and audio equipment with you
  3. Remove the sat nav cradle and wipe away the suction marks
  4. Never leave the car with engine running or the keys in the ignition
  5. Fit self-locking screws to prevent Always lock your car and fully close windows and the sunroof
  6. Fit anti-theft devices to steering wheels, fuel caps and wheels
  7. Park in well-lit areas or secure car parks
  8. Never leave your mobile phone behind
  9. Don't store items in the boot, take them with you
  10. Don't put the stereo in the glove box
  11. Find a safe place for your keyless entry key at home and check to ensure they are out of range of your vehicle

Keyless entry vehicles, although convenient, are currently an extremely easy target for theft with increasing numbers being stolen. However, there are several steps you can take to reduce your risk:
1.Ensure your vehicle is properly locked and keep keys far away from doors and windows to ensure the vehicle is no longer in range of the key's signal.
2.Place keys in a metal/foiled lined box or container, or another container that blocks the keys signal from reaching the vehicle when it's not in use.
3.Switch off the key's wireless signal when you don't need your vehicle. If you are unsure if the key has this function, find out in your owner's manual.
Preventing keyless car theft
4.You could also purchase an aftermarket security device,such as a steering wheel lock, a driveway parking post or even a wheel clamp. Even if the thieves are able to access and start your car, these should prevent them from driving away. Many criminals will consider bypassing these as 'too much hassle'.
5.Other steps include checking if there are any software updates for the car itself, remaining vigilant for unusual activity in your area and having an aftermarket immobiliser or tracker fitted.


October 2018

SNT have heightened mobile and foot patrol in the area, we will approach anyone acting suspicious. We have also sent out leaflets to residents in the area, advising them on vehicle security.



Issued 22 August, 2018


January 2018

The safer neighbourhood team have experienced an increase in ASB in the Ditherington area. This appears to be concerning local shops and residents. This involves stone throwing and spitting.

Issued 23 January, 2018

Action taken

The SNT are working with partner agencies to target individuals involved and dealing with them accordingly.

SNT have heightened patrols in the area, and keeping a high vis presence at prevalent times.

Actioned 23 March, 2018

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