Local policing priorities for Shrewsbury Central

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Anti-Social Behaviour caused by persons frequenting the Town Centre on a daily basis but also those who use the Town in the evenings especially at the weekends.  Large groups of youths gathering around fast food outlets and in the Quarry Park. 

The number of homless gathering within the town centre is increasing sometimes causing alarm, harrassment and distress to visitors and shoppers.

Issued 3 October, 2018

Action taken

Will be updated 1st March 2019

Actioned 3 December, 2018


Anti-social behaviour in the town centre from groups of young people, rough sleepers and from person's enjoying the nightlife.

Issued 1 April, 2018

Action taken

The Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team have continuing aims to reduce Anti-Social behaviour through the use of the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) the use of Anti-social Behaviour Legislation and active partnership working with Team Shrewsbury. The Team have continued to provide Visible foot patrols in the Town Centre to actively deal with issues.

Actioned 1 July, 2018


Anti Social Behaviour is being reported whereby youths are using an empty public house in the Monkmoor area to gather.  Damage is being caused and there are concerns for their safety.

Concerns for the rider of a quad bike and passenger riding around the Monkmoor recreational park with no helmets.  Safety concerns are to be addressed.

Issued 18 March, 2018

Action taken

Safer Neighbourhood Team to pay regular patrols to both locations as they are in close proximity for residents reassurance and gain names of youths causing issues for ASB letters to be sent home to parents.

Actioned 18 June, 2018

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