Local policing priorities for Golden Valley

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Specifically, the most recent complaints have been with regards to Clehonger and Peterchurch. However we will consider action at most of our rural villages even without any complaints.

Issued 5 September, 2018

Action taken

Most recent complaints include speeding in Ewyas Harold along the straight entrance road into the village. Some enforcement has been conducted, but generally no offenders stopped. On going work with the local parish council to consider other speed reduction plans, such as gated entrance and or speed indicator signs. (28/07/2018)

Speed enforcement in Peterchurch Village - 11th Sept 2017 - none exceeding the limit.......The main reason for this is that our presence soon deters any speeding motorists. From just being there, we create a deterrent for future offending, by being seen engaging in speed enforcement.

Speed enforcement conducted in Clehonger Village  18th Aug 2017- following further concerns from the Parish Council re speeding on the B4349 and B4352. Most vehicles being driven within the limit. 2 Vehicles stopped and drivers warned.


Thursday 22nd June 2017 - Speed enforcement Peterchurch outside the primary school 08:30-09:30.

One vehicle stopped and warned.







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