Local policing priorities for Leominster

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Residents are concerned about the speed of vehicles through the village which is putting pedestrians and other roads users in danger.

Issued 7 January, 2019

Action taken

Speed monitoring and enforcement to take place within the villages at different times of the day, not only from the safer neighbourhood team, but working together with the Safer Roads Partnership. 

The A4110 is now part of a casualty reduction program from Canon Pyon all the way through to the junction before Leintwardine. This means that over a three year period, the mobile camera vans and motorbikes will be stationed in various locations across this road monitoring the speed of the traffic, enforcing where necessary

 The Safer roads speed camera van has been deployed to various locations throughout our patch, especially on the main A4110 at Kingsland, Wigmore and Aymestry. The safer neighbourhood team will continue to monitor the speed within the villages using the hand held speed gun, educating and prosecuting drivers where appropriate.

July 2019. SNT have been out and about with the speed gun in Leintwardine due to concerns raised by local residents. Stickers displaying slow down in our community have been given to residents for use on their wheelie bins. There is also a stock of these stickers at the local library.




Actioned 1 March, 2019

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