Local policing priorities for Leominster

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Residents are concerned about the speed of vehicles through the village which is putting pedestrians and other roads users in danger.

Issued 2 October, 2018

Action taken

Speed monitoring and enforcement to take place within the villages at different times of the day, not only from the safer neighbourhood team, but working together with the Safer Roads Partnership. 

Actioned 31 December, 2018


Reports of drug use in the area which in turn is causing associated crime and anti-social behaviour.

Issued 10 July, 2018

Action taken

High visibility patrols to be conducted by the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Patrols to continue in areas of concern.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team will continue to deal robustly with offenders who are causing anti social behaviour and crime. Supporting colleagues to identify and target repeat offenders.

* Update* One property in Etnam Street which was a hot bed for drug activity has now been closed and all tenants have been evicted. A Tenant in Waterworks Lane who has been responsible for an increase in drug related incidents has now been evicted and is currently staying in one of our small properties. A great result!

Actioned 7 September, 2018

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