Local policing priorities for Hereford Rural North Southside

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Vehicles driving in excess of 30mph

Contravention of traffic light pedestrian crossing

Issued 8 January, 2018

Action taken

8th Jan 11:15 - Marked police vehicle visibly monitoring traffic lights. No pedestrians using crossing during times of patrol.

8th Jan 18:00 - Marked police vehicle patrol. No pedestrians crossing.

9th Jan 13:00 - Marked police vehicle mobile patrol. No issues.

9th Jan 17:30 - Marked police vehicle patrol. Sat up in a layby for approx 10 minutes. No pedestrians using the crossing.

10th Jan 14:30 - Stood outside the primary school for 1 hour, speed enforcement with handheld speed gun. No offences committed. Pedestrian crossing used approximately 10 times during the hour.

12th Jan 08:40 - High Visability patrol prior to school arrivals. The weather was very foggy so majority of motorists were driving to the conditions. One driver warned about their driving.

12th Jan 18:00 - Marked police vehicle sat stationary for approx 10 minutes. No issues. Crossing not used during this period. 

Actioned 8 March, 2018


Anti-social behaviour believed to be caused by local youths.

Issued 17 November, 2017

Action taken

17th Nov - Visit made to Sutton Primary School to discuss incidents. Crime prevention advice given.

17th Nov - 17:30 patrols

17th Nov - 20:30 patrols

18th Nov - 19:30 patrols

19th Nov - 20:00 patrols

20th Nov - 16:30 and 17:30 patrols

20th Nov - 19:30 - 20:00 patrols

21st Nov - 17:30 and 19:15 patrols

22nd Nov - 17:00 patrols

23rd Nov - 20:00 patrols

25th Nov - 15:30 patrols

26th Nov - 13:00 patrols

28th Nov - 20:00 patrols

29th Nov - 20:35 patrols

6th Dec - 20:00 patrols

29th December - Final review of incidents since first reports in November 2017 - last recorded patrol on 6th December show no futher incidents of this nature reported to police.

SNT continue to monitor and patrol the area where possible. Any further incidents should be reported via 101 non emergency number or 999 if crime in progress

*incidents not recorded as Actions unless further reports received.


Actioned 17 November, 2017


Reports received that a group of 10-12 youths, both male and female aged between 12 and 14yrs are causing alarm and distress to residents. The youths have been jumping in and out of hedges, running into residents gardens, banging on windows, ringing doorbells and being verbally abusive. The incidents have so far occurred in the area of Glebe Close.

Issued 29 January, 2017

Action taken

31st Jan - 4th Feb :Patrols have been carried out everyday at varying times between 16:00 and 20:30 in Station Rd, Glebe Close, Trenchard Avenue, Oak & Elm Rd and Ecroyd Park; including play park area.

4th Feb: 3 youths spoken to in Elm Road. 3 Youths spoken to in Station Rd. No issues being caused at this time.

No further incidents of this nature reported.


Actioned 29 January, 2017