Local policing priorities for Redditch South West and Rural

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Anti Social Behaviour - ASTWOOD BANK PARK

Police have been receiving reports regarding the anti social behaviour of youths in and around Astwood Bank Park. The nature of the behaviour includes being verbally abusive to members of the public, riding bikes dangerously in and out of traffic and to the annoyance of motorists, smoking cannabis and playing loud music.


Issued 8 September, 2017

Action taken

Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team have been conducting regular patrols in the park and surrounding area. A number of youths have been highlighted as being responsible for the issues and officers are currently working to identify these individuals in order to take positive action.

SNT are also working with local Councillors and Redditch Borough Council Community Safety Partnerships Team to look at longer term ways to impact on the problems.


17/06/18 - UPDATE

A Police and Community Together (PACT) meeting as been arranged for Saturday 23rd June 2018, 10am - 11am in Astwood Bank park. Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, local Councillors and partner agenices will be in attendance to meet with residents to discuss their issues and concerns. Please come along and have your say.

31/07/2018 - UPDATE

Since the PACT meeting held in the park on 23rd June 2018, there have only been 2 calls to police regarding anti-social behaviour. On 2nd July, there was a report of one of the flower boxes having been kicked over, however, there were no witnesses to this incident. On 26th July, police recieved a report that  15-20 youths were causing damage in the park. Police attended the location and engaged with a number of youths however, there was no evidence of any damage having being caused. Police continue to conduct routine patrols in the park. In the last few days, Redditch Borough Council have began trimming the perimeter hedgerow adjacent to the Evesham Road.


A number of concerns have been raised regarding vehicular traffic past Astwood Bank First School along Church Road and ajoining roads. These include excess speed, volume of traffic and parking related offences.

Issued 8 September, 2017

Action taken

South West & Rural SNT will be supporting the campaign by the enforcement of unlawful parking on the pedestrian crossing and controlled zone.

SNT will be conducting passing patrols and dealing with any other traffic related offences in an appropriate manner, which may include prosecution, education or liaising with Local Authority Civil Enforcement Officers.


Actioned 8 September, 2017

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