Police Community Support Officer Lamb

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Police Community Support Officer Lamb is part of the local policing team for Headless Cross and Oakenshaw.

Police Community Support Officer Lamb

PCSO Chris Lamb's policing career started in 2008 when he joined West Mercia Police as a Special Constable.

Throughout his seven years as a Special he saw many different areas of policing, from working on 24 hour response teams to managing enforcement operations in his later role of Special Inspector. One of his proudest moments working for West Mercia was being involved in coordinating policing for the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in North Worcestershire.

He did all this alongside his day job as a Housing Officer in Birmingham City Centre, which presented many interesting challenges and experiences.

Chris' passion is neighbourhood policing and he spent the main part of his Specials career working on the town centre beat in Bromsgrove. Being given the opportunity to work as a PCSO with West Mercia Police has enabled Chris to continue his passion for Neighbourhood Team as his full time job.

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