Local policing priorities for Greenlands and Lodge Park

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


1. Parking issues in Tredington Close

2. Will the Police deal with drivers who park too close to a junction?

3. Signage at Tredington Close

4.  Bollards requested in Tredington Close

5. Development adjacent to Wirehill Drive on Lodge Park.  Concerns regarding traffic congestion and accident risk. Request about possible implementation of double yellow lines.

6. Disabled parking bays in Himbleton Close. 2 bays still signed and not used. Also hedge requires cutting back.

7. Grafton Close. Could PCSO's approach school at beginning of new term and arrange to speak to parents in relation to parking issues in an effort to encourage a more thoughtful and respectful attitude towards parking and how it affects persons living locally.

8. Litter pick requested.

9. Request for a review of the current state of the road surface in Grafton Close.

10. Dog mess in Tredington Close.

Issued 18 August, 2018

Action taken

1. Residents to be visited and spoken to.

2. PC Cockburn is looking into the issue regarding cars being parked too close to a junction.

3. The council are currently looking for a new signage provider.

4. Ownership belongs to County Council and adopted as their land.  Still awaiting update local councillor in relation to this issue.

5. Council Officers/Traffic Management to take a look.

6. Councillor Shurmer to review

7. To be confirmed

8. Staff from library involved in future plan for a litter pick via cubs / scouts / brownies

9. Councillor Fry to review

10.Residents advised to report any offending dog owners to local authority





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