Local policing priorities for Winyates and Matchborough

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


1. Branches, and wood chippings have been 'dumped' in Tysoe Close.

2. There are still problems, with children/youths on the roof of the Church. There has been a lot of graffiti during the summer, including a private property, where the lady was in hospital when she had the graffiti all over her windows. Police are monitoring and make enquiries.

3. The previous request, that was made from the manager of the Boxing Club for finances to purchase a defibrillator to be erected in the Matchborough centre for emergency resuscitation. Councillor Juliet Brunner had offered to donate £1,000 out of her budget. Planning is ongoing as to the site of the equipment in Matchborough Centre. The Defibrillator has now been purchased.

4. There are issues with off road quad and scrambler bikes which the Police are aware of and monitoring.


Issued 14 October, 2018


1. Suspected drug dealing on Washford Lane/ Heronfield Close

2. Off road bikes and quad bikes being used on fields adjacent to Washford Lane

Issued 12 September, 2018

Action taken

1. SNT are aware and are currently monitoring

2. SNT are aware and are currently monitoring


residents would like to know if more light will be changed to the new LED systems

Issued 21 March, 2018

Action taken

handed to county council to see if this is possible.

Actioned 30 May, 2018

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