Local policing priorities for Priory and Malvern Wells

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


There have been a number of concerns raised by parents and staff at the Primary Schools along the Wells Road in Malvern.  This is particularly an issue around school pick up and drop off time wen there are more cars in the area and children and parents trying to navigate the traffic.

Issued 5 October, 2018


As the nights are now lighter there has been an increase in calls from visitors to Priory Park in Malvern about groups of youths gathering, drinking and behaving in an anti social manner.

Issued 24 June, 2018


There has been an increase in the number of telephone frauds and scams involving the elderly and vulnerable. Perpetrators contact the victim by telephone purporting to be from the bank, the police or from HMRC, and convince them to disclose personal details relating to their bank account. The victim is instructed by the caller to either transfer or withdraw a large sum of money, or purchase a significant amount of iTunes vouchers, which are later collected by a courier.

Issued 31 March, 2018

Action taken

This month the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been at the Spring show offering crime prevention advice regarding telephone fraud and scams.  this will continue over the next few months with several events locally in which the Safer Neighbourhood team will be involved. 

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