Local policing priorities for Evesham Town South and Rural West

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


We have experienced an increase in vandalism in Hampton.

Issued 4 July, 2019

Action taken

Extra patrols have been carried out and also CCTV cameras placed in the areas of concern.

Actioned 4 July, 2019


With summer months and lighter nights ahead, it is anticipated that there will be more antisocial behaviour reported in the parks

Issued 27 March, 2019

Action taken

Our priority will be for patrols to be increased in the park areas to combat any antisocial behaviour.


The number of break ins to vans is still high.  As a result of this, your SNT are continuing to monitor this. 

Issued 15 November, 2018

Action taken

There will be increased patrols in the targeted area.  The signs are available for all van owners that state there are no tools left in the van overnight.  Please email your SNT on eveshamtsrw.snt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk if you would like one.

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