Local policing priorities for St Johns and Bedwardine

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


We are continuing to receive a number of ongoing complaints around parking near to Oldbury Park Primary School, where people are parking on the single yellow line opposite the school whilst collecting and dropping off children for school, thus causing an obstruction to the highway, greatly constricting the flow of traffic at peak times.

Issued 8 October, 2018

Action taken

The safer neighbourhood team have now, and will continue to, report drivers for the consideration of prosecution for wilful obstruction of the highway where appropriate.  Parking in this location is endangering children who are trying to get to school and cannot continue.

Actioned 8 October, 2018


There has been a pattern of drug dealing within Cripplegate park, primarily early mornings in the area near to the river bridge.

Issued 15 April, 2018

Action taken

Increase in high-visibility patrols and stop search/arrest where appropriate.

Actioned 15 April, 2018


ASB reported comprises of teens gathering in the doorway of certain stores causing a nuisance to customers and staff.  Also deliberately riding their pedal cycles in a dangerous fashion in the middle of the road, putting both themselves and motorists at risk.

Issued 14 April, 2018

Action taken

New mobile working procedures have allowed for more timely and direct contact with SNT from store management when issues arise, which is proving effective.

Repeat offenders are, and will continue to be, targeted using anti social behaviour legislation with a view to progressing persistent individuals to Criminal Behaviour Orders where necessary.

Actioned 14 April, 2018

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