Local policing priorities for Gorse Hill and Rainbow Hill

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


  1. The use and supply of controlled substances.
  2. Anti-Social behaviour by groups of youths in the Tolladine area.
  3. Anti-Social motorcycles in and around Avon & Teme road

Issued 2 September, 2017

Action taken

  1. There has been significant action taken against several of the drug dealers in the area. We have managed to obtain and action a closure order for an address in Rose Ave, the property is closed for 3 months with nobody allowed to enter the property at all. A drugs search warrant was auctioned at a property in Mulberry Terrace recently, although no drugs were found there was evidence of drug use.
  2. Since the closure of the property on Rose ave the ASB in the area has reduced dramatically. We have engaged with the youth worker from the Tolladine centre who has stated that the property being closed has sent a message to the community in relation to ASB and that it wont be tolerated. We continue to patrol the area and engage with the youth in order to try and reduce the amount of ASB. Several dispersal orders have also been authorised and have assisted in reducing the ASB too.
  3. Sections 59 and 60 Police Reform Act 2002 gives police the basis for dealing with the anti-social use of vehicles. A constable has the power to seize a motor vehicle that is being driven in a manner contrary to Sec 3 Road Traffic Act 1998, or that is being driven elsewhere than on a road, if it is causing or likely to cause harassment alarm or distress to members of the public.In general, a constable must first warn the driver/rider that the continued anti-social use of the vehicle will result in seizure (Sec 59 Warning) and retention (Sec 60).

    We have also managed to get bars placed in the alleyway between Don road and Avon road which motorcyclists were using to cause ASB.

Actioned 2 December, 2017

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