National register of senior police pay and rewards, gifts and hospitality, expenses, and outside interests.

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The national register of senior police pay and rewards, gifts and hospitality, and outside interests brings together data collated from police forces as part of ongoing work to improve the quality, consistency and transparency of information in these areas, and a wider drive to improve public access to police information.

Pay and rewards

Chief officers’ entitlement to pay and allowances are set out in the Police Regulations 2003 and the associated determinations made by the Secretary of State. Chief constables and deputy chief constables receive a spot rate which varies by force. Assistant chief constables are paid according to a national pay scale. These rates are reviewed annually by the Senior Salaries Review Body.

Pay rates for chief constables and deputy chief constables are determined by rank, size of force, force area population (including sparsity) and a range of policing measures. They are also based on the type of work the force deals with namely:

  • call management;
  • crime management;
  • traffic management;
  • public order management and public reassurance;
  • community policing management;
  • patrol management; and
  • security-related expenditure.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have discretion to set chief constable pay at up to 10% above or below the set scale for their force area.

The latest pay scales for chief officer posts in England and Wales can be found here.

The table below brings together 2015/16 data from police forces on senior police remuneration.


Chief officer / post title Salary 1 Benefits in kind 2 Expenses 3 Compensation for loss of office Other payments and allowances Pension contribution Total remuneration - including pension

Any blank entries correspond to categories not included in the force's remuneration data or blank entries within their published data.

  1. Salary - including fees and allowances.
  2. Benefits in kind earned during 2015/16 will be disclosed in 2016/17 statement of accounts in line with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Code of Practice, paragraph
  3. Expenses allowances covers medical care and mileage. Expenses disclosed in the statement of accounts relate only to those expenses reimbursed to chief officers via payroll. Expenses reported via the Register of Chief Officers Expenses on the Sussex Police website include all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs incurred in respect of chief officers.
  4. Temporary appointment 01/6/2015 - 6/7/2015. Other payments and allowances entry here refers to a bonus of £1,413 paid in August 2015, relating to this period of acting duty.
Chief Constable £165,000 - £0 - - £33,000 £198,000
Deputy Chief Constable £138,000 - £4,000 - - £27,000 £169,000
Assistant Chief Constable 1 £114,000 - £0 - - £22,000 £136,000
Assistant Chief Constable 2 £105,000 - £2,000 - - £21,000 £128,000
Assistant Chief Constable 3 4 £22,000 - £0 - £1,000 £4,000 £27,000

The remuneration information in the table was obtained from the police force and/or Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) websites or provided to the Home Office by the police force and/or OPCC. The Home Office has sought assurances from police forces that the information is accurate as at 17 October 2016. Any queries should be directed to the relevant police force.

Gifts and hospitality, expenses, and outside interests

Records on the gifts and hospitality received, expenses charges, and outside interests held by members of police forces are kept by force areas and published on their websites. The relevant web addresses to access this information are provided below. This information was accurate at 27 October 2017.