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Published 6 August 2015

Each month we will be publishing data showing how fairly and effectively forces are using stop and search powers.

This data, provided by 40 forces, is the latest in a series of measures to reform police use of stop and search. It will sit alongside and provide context to the stop and search maps currently produced by 25 forces. This means you can see the number of stop and searches, the outcomes and the proportion of these outcomes that were linked to the purpose of the search in your area. The data also provides a breakdown of the ethnicity and age of people stopped and searched and the time of day stops are carried out on a monthly basis.

Currently 25 forces also publish their stop and search data on the crime maps on this site. This allows residents in these areas to see where stop and searches take place, and view details about the stop and search including the reason and outcome.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “Stop and search is undoubtedly an important police power. But when it is misused it can be counter-productive and an enormous waste of police time. If it is not operated in a targeted and proportionate way and if innocent people are stopped and searched for no good reason, it is hugely damaging to the relationship between the police and the public.

“This is a further step forward in the Government’s commitment to increasing the transparency of the police and ensuring the public can hold their force to account.”

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