Home Office publishes police chief officer pay and remuneration information on police.uk

Published 17 November 2017

The Home Office and the police have set out a package of measures which will increase transparency around chief officer employment. As part of this, police chiefs’ pay packages will be published on police.uk.

The measures will address areas of inconsistency and concern around chief officer employment. Currently, the system for chief officer leave entitlement lacks clarity, there is an absence of the type of post-service employment oversight already in place in other parts of the public sector, and no centralised public record of chief officer remuneration exists.

A snapshot study of police chiefs’ pay packages from 2015/16 has been published, alongside links to each force’s website, showing current data on pay, rewards packages, gifts and hospitality, and outside interests. The data is published on this site, allowing you to see your police chief officers' pay and remuneration package.

New measures to bring greater clarity around chief officer employment

The other measures which will bring greater clarity around chief officer employment are:

  • A standardised 35 days annual leave policy to be implemented by the Home Office following agreement between police leaders. This represents a change from previously unclear and inconsistent arrangements, where chief officers could take at least 48 days a year but their rest days were poorly defined, creating the impression of vastly different leave entitlements.

  • Introducing a police-led system to scrutinise employment once chief officers leave their force. To bring policing in line with other areas of the public sector, there will be a new requirement for chief officers to notify their old force of any employment for a year after leaving the service - whether it is self-employment or for another organisation. Chief constables and PCCs will then advise if there is any conflict of interest with all decisions published on force websites.

Minister for Policing and the Fire Service Nick Hurd:

“Police chiefs are trusted figures within our communities and they play an incredibly important role leading our forces and keeping the public safe.

“As public servants they are accountable to the communities they serve, which is vital if we are to see confidence in policing continue to rise.

“Therefore, I am pleased that police leaders have worked with the Home Office to come forward with proposals to bring greater clarity and accountability to chief officer annual leave and post service employment.”

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