Greater Manchester to elect a new mayor who will be responsible for policing

Published 13 March 2017

On 4th May, people in Greater Manchester will take to the polls to elect their brand new Combined Authority Mayor to take control of the region. The elected mayor will have new powers, and the role of Police and Crime Commissioner will be merged with that of mayor at this time.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester will be responsible for holding the police to account for delivering the kind of policing you want to see. Their aim will be to cut crime and to ensure your police force is effective. They are there to ensure the policing needs of the public are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled by the police.

They will bring a public voice to policing and will do this by:

  • engaging with the public and victims of crime to help set police and crime plans;

  • ensuring the police force budget is spent where it matters most; and,

  • appointing, and where necessary dismissing, the chief constable.

Combined Authority Mayors

Devolution is putting new and more power in the hands of local people. By helping communities take control of decisions that matter to them, Combined Authority Mayors will be accountable to the people they serve.

Greater Manchester is one of six regions in England where people will be electing their first Combined Authority Mayors on 4 May. You can find out more about the combined authority mayoral elections in your region by visiting:

The new Mayors will work across their regions to provide a louder voice for local people. They will act as ambassadors to bring together businesses, public service providers and communities to improve the productivity and prosperity of the area. In Greater Manchester, the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner will be merged with that of the new Mayor and have responsibilities for policing and crime.

Make sure you can vote in the mayoral elections by registering by 13 April. You can do so by visiting:

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