First HMIC PEEL assessments published

Published 27 November 2014

On 27 November, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary published its first assessments of police forces to allow you to see how well your local force is performing. Known as the PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy) assessments, they will be published on HMIC's website and linked to

The evidence from inspections has been used by HMIC to make an assessment of each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales. HMIC examines what is happening on the ground in force areas, identify and share best practice between forces, and increase the chances of any problems or service failures being discovered early so that things are put right before they become more serious in terms of public harm and cost.

In recent years, HMIC has undertaken inspections of specific subjects, known as ‘thematic’ inspections. These look at specific aspects of policing in some depth. However, even when the findings of thematic inspections are viewed together, they cannot provide a rounded assessment of all that police forces do. PEEL has been developed to fill this gap.

New assessment framework for forces

Forces are assessed using all the information HMIC has gathered and examined through inspections carried out or reported in the 12 months prior to publication. HMIC then use this to produce an assessment of how the force has performed.

In some areas assessments will include a graded judgment of outstanding, good, requires improvement, or inadequate, although forces will not receive an overall grade. The assessments will look at:

  • effectiveness: how well each force carries out its responsibilities, including cutting crime, protecting vulnerable people, tackling anti-social behaviour and dealing with emergencies and other calls for service;

  • efficiency: how well police forces provide value for money; and

  • legitimacy: how well each force provides a service that is fair and treats people properly and within the law.

HMIC has introduced these assessments so that you will be able to understand how well (or otherwise) your local force is performing against these easy to understand categories, which cover the core areas of policing activity.

The PEEL assessments will be linked to this site, and together with the crime maps and police force data, will help you hold the police to account.

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