Don’t let thieves take your Christmas presents away

Published 7 January 2015

You may have been given jewellery or the latest smartphone as a Christmas present. Or perhaps you treated yourself to a new television or computer in the sales. Whilst it’s nice to have the latest gadgets, a burglar sees them as a way of making money.

Burglaries are down, but at this time of the year thieves know there are often new and expensive items in your house. The cost of being burgled is far greater than just the cost of replacing items, as photos on a computer or jewellery may have sentimental value, whilst thieves can access sensitive data such as your bank details and e-mails on a smartphone or tablet.

To help you keep your possessions safe, we have published advice with measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim of burglary.

How do the police investigate a burglary?

This interactive film shows how a crime is processed through the criminal justice system from beginning to end.

You can see how the police investigate a domestic burglary, learn the role each officer plays in the investigation, and how information you provide to the police can help them solve crimes. The film was created with the assistance of Derbyshire Constabulary.

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