Cyber Aware launches #OneReset campaign

Published 24 October 2018

To help people keep their e-mails safe, through its #OneReset campaign, Cyber Aware is encouraging people to change their email password to make it strong.

As our lives are increasing lived online, keeping our online space secure is more crucial than ever. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, so it is an opportunity to focus on the importance of cyber security and consider the steps we can take to keep ourselves safe and secure online.

Our e-mail accounts contain sentimental information, such as confirmation of job offers, holiday bookings and photos of family and friends. They also contain very personal information, such as bank details, address or date of birth. A weak password could enable a criminal to access your e-mails, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. That’s why Cyber Aware’s #OneReset campaign is encouraging people to keep their inbox safe by changing their e-mail password to ensure it is strong and separate from all their other passwords.

Use three random words to create a strong password

The good news is that it’s simple to take action to help protect you and your family online by ensuring you have a strong and separate password for your email account.

A good way to create a strong and memorable password is to use three random words. Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed, for example 3redhousemonkeys27! Be creative and use words memorable to you, so that people can’t guess your password. Your social media accounts can give away vital clues about yourself so don’t use words such as your child’s name or favourite sports team which are easy for people to guess.

Use a strong, separate password for your email

Having a strong, separate password for your email means that if cyber criminals steal the password for one of your less important accounts, they can’t use it to access your email account.

You can find out further information about being more secure online by visiting the Cyber Aware website and by following Cyber Aware’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to receive ideas and advice on how you can be more secure online and thwart cyber criminals.

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