Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme launches

Published 1 December 2014

From today (1 December), thirty-five forces will be fully implementing all aspects of the Best Use of Stop and Search scheme. At the same time, West Mercia and Nottinghamshire police will begin publishing their stop and search mapping data on

The Best Use of Stop and Search is a voluntary scheme which all police forces in England and Wales have signed up to. It has been designed to ensure the police take a more intelligence-led approach to using these powers, and that they are only used when necessary. The scheme was announced by the Home Secretary in April and is part of a range of measures that will contribute to a reduction in the overall use of stop and search, lead to better and more intelligence-led stop and searches and more effective outcomes.

From today, thirty-five forces are fully implementing the Scheme, which will see:

  • Forces publishing their stop and search outcomes on this site, allowing you to see how your force is using these powers

  • Forces can now arrange for you to accompany officers on patrol, so you can see how they use stop and search

  • Where a force receive a large volume of complaints on the use of stop and search, it will explain to their local community scrutiny group how it is using the powers

  • Forces reducing the number of stop and searches where there are no reasonable grounds for suspicion

City of London, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester Police, Lincolnshire, South Wales and Dorset police are initially only implementing three of these elements, and by April 2015 they will have implemented all elements of the scheme.

Stop and Search data mapping pilot

From today, West Mercia and Nottinghamshire police will begin publishing their stop and search data on This will allow residents in these police force areas to see where stop and searches take place, and view details about the stop and search including the reason, outcome and ethnicity of the person stopped. We are keen to know what you think about this data, and you'll be able to provide your feedback through a link on this website during the course of the pilots.

From next year, our crime maps will show stop and searches in all force areas. By publishing this information, you can see how your police force is using these powers, and hold them to account for their use.

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