Local policing priorities for Barncroft and Bedhampton

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Vehicle Crime
Community Priority created to target Thefts from Motor Vehicles across the Battins & West Leigh and Barncroft & Bedhampton areas.


Issued 21 October, 2019

Action taken

To address this local community issue, the neighbourhood policing team have provided crime prevention advice to local businesses and members of the community.
We have worked with our offender management teams to keep on top of our prolific offenders.
Over the past two months we have seen a decrease in theft from motor vehicle reports.
The neighbourhood Policing team will be deciding on a new priority for the team to focus on.
If you, our community, have an issue which you wish to highlight to us for consideration please contact us via:
Twitter: @Havantpolice
Facebook: Havant Police
Email: havant.police@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

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Actioned 23 December, 2019


Bidbury Mead - Anti Social Behaviour displayed in and around the Immediate area.

Kingscroft Lane

Issued 12 August, 2019

Action taken

There have been numerous complaint from local resident and councillors regarding the on going Youth Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) issues where by youths are drinking and taking other substances at Bidbury Mead. There have also been reports from local shop keepers of youth stealing alcohol and drinking in the park.
Linked to the youth ASB are complaints of vehicles being driven dangerously around the Bidbury area and also being driven in an anti social manner

This has now been raised as a local Neighbourhood policing priority.
Police will carry out Hi Vis patrols in area and to deal robustly with any one committing offences or causing anti social behaviour. This includes using Section 35 dispersal powers to remove any one causing ASB from the area for up to 48 hours. Using Section 59 powers to seize vehicles being driven in anti social manner

Police are working closely in partnership with Havant Borough council and youth out reach workers
Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious incidents including Anti social behaviour to police via 101 or online

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Actioned 15 August, 2019

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