Police financial reserves for Greater Manchester Police

Details of the financial reserves for Greater Manchester Police each year from Mar 2011 to Mar 2018.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) can keep part of their funding in financial reserves to help manage financial risk and to fund major future costs such as change programmes aimed at improving services to the public. Usable financial reserves are split into resource and capital. Resource reserves are categorised into a general fund to cover unforeseen pressures and earmarked reserves which are each held for a specific purpose. Capital reserves are ring-fenced for capital investment.

As at Mar 2018, PCCs held over £1.4bn in usable resource reserves. The public is entitled to high quality information on financial reserves:

  • information is provided on the level of financial reserves held by each PCC for the years 2011 to 2018 (the latest figures available)
  • you can read the guidance the Government has provided to PCCs on the more detailed information they should publish on their reserves
  • from Spring 2018, each PCC will be publishing their reserves strategies on their websites setting out their plans for their reserves and how reserves will be used to improve services to the public.

Police financial reserves for Greater Manchester Police

Financial year ending General fund Earmarked reserves Total resource reserves Capital reserves
Mar 2018 £nanm £nanm £nanm £nanm
Mar 2017 £13.2m £66.5m £79.8m -
Mar 2016 £13.1m £54.3m £67.5m £3.1m
Mar 2015 £12.5m £59.3m £71.8m £6.5m
Mar 2014 £12.5m £54.6m £67.1m £2.9m
Mar 2013 £38.5m £16.3m £54.8m £2.0m
Mar 2012 £38.3m £15.6m £53.9m £1.3m
Mar 2011 £32.6m £17.7m £50.3m £2.1m

Resource reserves as a percentage of direct funding Mar 2018 - England and Wales

Force area % reserves / funding
Avon & Somerset 12.70%
Bedfordshire 9.10%
Cambridgeshire 16.80%
Cheshire 6.40%
Cleveland 10.60%
Cumbria 22.20%
Derbyshire 14.80%
Devon & Cornwall 17.20%
Dorset 7.00%
Durham 7.60%
Dyfed-Powys 19.90%
Essex 7.30%
Gloucestershire 19.70%
Greater Manchester 13.60%
Gwent 45.30%
Hampshire 24.20%
Hertfordshire 18.00%
Humberside 16.50%
Kent 9.70%
Lancashire 14.20%
Leicestershire 15.70%
Lincolnshire 14.60%
MOPAC 8.00%
Merseyside 9.90%
Norfolk 11.90%
North Wales 16.70%
North Yorkshire 7.50%
Northamptonshire 9.20%
Northumbria 5.10%
Nottinghamshire 12.30%
South Wales 11.80%
South Yorkshire 18.20%
Staffordshire 2.10%
Suffolk 6.80%
Surrey 6.00%
Sussex 20.50%
Thames Valley 11.50%
Warwickshire 20.40%
West Mercia 17.70%
West Midlands 16.00%
West Yorkshire 17.40%
Wiltshire 16.80%
Total England & Wales 12.58%


  • MOPAC is the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime
  • Figures show total PCC usable reserves levels, including reserves held on behalf of others
  • Resource reserves as a percentage of funding show reserves as a percentage of 2018-19 direct resource funding (Government grant and precept)
  • Greater Manchester 2017 figures are as at 7 May 2017, which was the end of their accounting period. This is due to the transfer of PCC responsibilities to the metro mayor on that date.
  • No figures available for City of London Police
  • Figures may not sum due to rounding
  • Source: All figures taken from audited PCC Group statements of accounts
  • Before the introduction of PCCs in 2012, police reserves were held by Police Authorities
  • Please note: March 2018 reserves figures are as published in November 2018. Figures may be restated in future statements of accounts.

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