Local policing priorities for Bideford West

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


ASB Eastridge View/ Shamwickshire Close

Reports have been received of young people playing in the road lots of swearing and shouting at residents in these areas and also stones being thrown at residents properties.

Tensions are high resulting in some neighbourhood disputes arising.

Issued 28 April, 2018

Action taken

Update: 28 April 2018 - ASB Eastridge View/ Shamwickshire Close

Visits have been carried out to residents who are feeling affected by this anti social behaviour. Officers have spoken to young people about their safety in the road and also how they behave in their community.

A letter is being prepared to capture all houses in the area with advice how to respond to any incidents and who to contact.

Actioned 28 April, 2018


Speeding Parkham

We have received contact regarding speeding vehicles in Parkham.

Issued 21 March, 2018

Action taken

Update: 21 March 2018 - Update March 2018

We have conducted several speed checks in Parkham, and will continue to monitor the speed in the village.

Actioned 21 March, 2018


Criminal damage in Appledore

We have had several acts of criminal damage in Appledore over a short period. We are increasing patrols in the area and would encourage members of the public to report incidents to us via 101/999 as appropriate.

Issued 16 January, 2018

Action taken

Update: 21 March 2018 - March 2018

We have continued to patrol Appledore during key times. We have not received calls regarding further incidents/ASB linked to this group of people.

Actioned 21 March, 2018


Boy Racers

Reports of Boy Racers causing Anti Social Behaviour relating to loud Exhausts, Loud Music and driving at Speed in the Bideford Town Centre : Areas include The Quay-Bank End Car Park, The Pill and The High Street  

Issued 25 July, 2017

Action taken

Update: 28 April 2018 - So Far We Have

We continue to liase with the local community regarding these ongoing issues. Our local officers also patrol the said areas during the late evening and throughout the night and deal with any signs of issues relating to ASB with groups of vehicles.

Actioned 28 April, 2018


Manteo Way and Alverdiscott Road Speeding Vehicles

Manteo Way and Alverdiscott Road Speeding Vehicles

Issued 21 July, 2017

Action taken

Update: 28 April 2018 - So far we have

April 2018

Speeding along Manteo Way continues to be a priority for East The Water there will be further planned speeding operations updates will be posted.

Actioned 28 April, 2018


Anti social Behaviour- Alcohol Related

Regular Patrols of the Areas of Victoria Park, Landisvisia Walk and The Cricket Pavillion where the local street drinkers like to gather.

We continue to work with Torridge District Council to make a better long term solution.

Update - 28/04/2018 - Our partners at Torridge District Council are in the process of formulating a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which when in place may provide Police and council partners certain powers to help assist with drink related Anti-Social Behaviour.

Issued 31 May, 2017

Action taken

Update: 28 April 2018 - So Far We Have

Update 20th July 2017:

Our Street Drinkers have recently been spoken too by Officers and it was decided that they should move to a more suitable area where they are not causing alarm or distress to members of the public. Since moving we have had a significant decrease in reports of any Anti Social Behaviour relating to the Street Drinkers, If we do get any further reports we will still deal with these groups robustly if necessary.

We continue to work with Torridge District Council to make a better long term solution.

Actioned 28 April, 2018


Anti Social Behaviour vehicles/Persons - Northam / Westward Ho!

This will be an ongoing Priority during 2017 with regards to Anti - social Behaviour, persons and/or vehicles and the work around reassurance and preventing ASB.

Patrols are / have been ongiong throughout 2017.  

The North Torridge Coastal Policing Team will be listening to any concerns or issues regarding ASB around persons and or incidents involving vehicles.

This will be undertaken through our initiative of "Have Your Say".

Problems can be identified through officer patrols, the force web site via facebook and engagement events.       

Please do not hesitate to contact the Police on the following number : 101 for General Enquiries. and 999 for Emergencies.

Update 20th July 2017:

So far we have continued patrols in the area. We have also done a letter drop to residents in one of the key problem areas.


Issued 8 May, 2017

Action taken

Update: 21 March 2018 - March 2018

We have continued to monitor these areas and have seen a vast reduction in calls/contact regarding these areas.

Update: 21 March 2018 - Update Jan 2018

Patrols have continued in this area. We have completed several letter drops in the area and worked closely with the local housing providers. We have seen a reduction in the reports of anti social behaviour/driving from some of our problem areas.

Actioned 21 March, 2018


Speeding vehicles, Buckland Brewer, Abbotsham, Benson Drive.

Issues surrounding speeding vehicles in certain areas across our patch.


March 2017

We will continue to carry out speed checks and survey work and where necessary enforcement will be taken.  We are hoping to introduce a school speedwatch and work is in progress for this.

We are also in the process of organising a speed watch scheme for the area of Westward Ho!, Landcross. Please contact your local team if you are interested in joining this scheme as we are keen to recruit volunteers.


Update 20th July 2017:

This is an ongoing Priority and issues are dealt with at the time if we have any reports.

The Speed Watch Scheme is still a work in progress.

Issued 29 March, 2017

Action taken

Update: 16 January 2018 - Update Jan 2018

We are still continuing to monitor these areas

Actioned 16 January, 2018


Team Priority

As a Community Policing Team our main aim is to;

* Detect and Prevent Harm

* Protect the Vulnerable

* Reduce Crime


Safeguard Vulnerable adults and young people who have Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health to prevent harm coming to them.

We also work closely with other agencies that support Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health and we will signpost to them on request of the individual.  


We continue to work closely with the local Parish Councils to manage priorities in Bideford and the Surrounding area's.

Please be assured that you live in a very low crime area.  However, should you have any concerns, please use the Contact Your Local Team link on the right hand menu. 

Issued 28 November, 2016

Action taken


PCSO Emma TOMKIES, has recently become the Devon liason officer for Devon and Cornwall Police HorseWatch Scheme. 

This is a very similar scheme to Neighbourhood Watch, but is aimed at Equestrian Properties, Yards and Horse owners.

The scheme shares information, advice and also creates groups of Horse owners and enthusiasts together for local information sharing. PCSO Tomkies also offers FREE tack marking for leather and synthetic saddles and bridles, which deters theft.

If you or someone you know may be interested, and would like to find out more information, then please do not hesitate to ask. Contact emma.tomkies@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or horsewatch@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk Alternatively call 101 and ask for PCSO Emma TOMKIES

Actioned 24 April, 2018


Northam Burrows area / Dog related incidents and livestock attacks.

This is one of our on going Priorties involving reports of Livestock attacks and other dog related incidents have come to the Rural Neighbourhood teams attention on the Burrows.

These incidents can have a massive financial and emotional impact on livestock owners and Residents alike.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Police on 101 for General Enquiries and 999 for Emergencies.


Update 20th July 2017:

This priority is an ongoing one, any reports we get The Neighbourhood beat Team will deal with appropriately.


Issued 14 July, 2010

Action taken

Update: 21 March 2018 - Jan 2018

This is an ongoing priority for the rural neighbourhood team. We have continued to promote/educate the public with regards to preventing livestock attacks and also reporting incidents that occur. We will continue to utilise the media and Facebook to get our messages out and also liaise with the manager of Northam Burrows.

Update: 21 March 2018 - March 2018

We will shortly be attending a Burrows meeting with relevent partner agencies in preperation for the 2018 season.

Update: 21 March 2018 - So far we have

Continued patrols have been undertaken during 2017, as stated incidents have been reported in regards to this priority.  

                            DOG CONTROL ORDER

                                   letter drop

Torridge district Council has instructed Dog Control Orders under the provision of the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005. The orders replace certain byelaws and the dogs (fouling of land) Act 1996 and came into effect from May 1st 2013.

Dog fouling is an issue on which the Council recieves many complaints from the public. The Council recognises the real and justifable level of concern within the community both on evironmental and health grounds and responded to this by resovling to issue fixed penalty notices (FPN) for dog fouling offences as follows:

1-failing to remove dog faeces on public open land

2-Not keeping dog on lead in certain places

3-Not putting, keeping, a dog on lead when directed to do so in certain places

4-Allowing a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded

Council staff are authorised to issue fixed penalty notices (FPN) if they witness a fouling offence. Should the Council have evidence that a dog owner or persons in charge has not clean up mess, a (FPN) of £75 may be issued or a fine up to £1000 be imposed by a magistrates court.

Clearing away mess is far cheaper so "scoop that poop" ! poop scoop bags are available from Torrdge District Council (TDC) offices.

help us to help you-if you witness an offence, please contact (TDC) environmental protection team on 01237-428810 or at environmental.protection@torridge.gov.uk

Information can be given confidentialy. So if any incidents are seen involving Dogs and livestock please report this on the general enquiry number 101.

Or contact TDC on e-mail above.

Kind regards on this matter - North Torridge Policing team.

Burrows Actions ongoing into 2018

Actioned 21 March, 2018

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