Local policing priorities for Bideford West

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Youth disorder Bideford Quay

We are currently running a high visibility campaign to disrupt some low level youth disorder in and around Jubilee Square

Issued 22 November, 2018

Action taken

Update: 22 November 2018 - Progress 22/11/18

Two arrested for disorder and drug offences made plus key individuals reffered to other agencies for antisocial behaviour escalation.

Actioned 22 November, 2018


Criminal Damage East The Water

We have had several acts of criminal damage in and around East The Water over a short period. This includes damage to vehicles within the Sentry Corner/Clifton Street area and sadly damage to the local primary school gardens.  We are increasing patrols in the area and would encourage members of the public to report incidents to us via 101/999 as appropriate.

Issued 5 July, 2018

Action taken

Update: 22 November 2018 - No further reports to date

No further calls and minimal reports of criminal damage

Actioned 22 November, 2018


ASB Eastridge View/ Shamwickshire Close

Reports have been received of young people playing in the road lots of swearing and shouting at residents in these areas and also stones being thrown at residents properties.

Tensions are high resulting in some neighbourhood disputes arising.

Issued 28 April, 2018

Action taken

Update: 22 November 2018 - Door to Door Survey

A door to door survey was completed on 16-18th June 2018 within the area of Eastridge View. There was nothing raised current that needed action.  There has been regular patrols within the area since this priority has been raised and young people in the area of the roundabout have been spoken to. Landlords who manage the properties linked to the communal car park have been spoken to and will be working with their tenants to resolve the problem.  

Update: 22 November 2018 - ASB Eastridge View/ Shamwickshire Close

Visits have been carried out to residents who are feeling affected by this anti social behaviour. Officers have spoken to young people about their safety in the road and also how they behave in their community.

A letter is being prepared to capture all houses in the area with advice how to respond to any incidents and who to contact.

Update: 22 November 2018 - November 2018

Minimal amount of calls reported by residents. Still subject to monitoring.

Actioned 22 November, 2018


Anti social Behaviour- Alcohol Related

Regular Patrols of the Areas of Victoria Park, Landisvisia Walk and The Cricket Pavillion where the local street drinkers like to gather.

We continue to work with Torridge District Council to make a better long term solution.

Update - 28/04/2018 - Our partners at Torridge District Council are in the process of formulating a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which when in place may provide Police and council partners certain powers to help assist with drink related Anti-Social Behaviour.

Issued 31 May, 2017

Action taken

Update: 07 September 2018 - So Far We Have

Update 20th July 2017:

Our Street Drinkers have recently been spoken too by Officers and it was decided that they should move to a more suitable area where they are not causing alarm or distress to members of the public. Since moving we have had a significant decrease in reports of any Anti Social Behaviour relating to the Street Drinkers, If we do get any further reports we will still deal with these groups robustly if necessary.

We continue to work with Torridge District Council to make a better long term solution.

Update: 07 September 2018 - Update Sept 2018

We have continued to patrol these areas and monitor the situation.

Actioned 7 September, 2018


Anti Social Behaviour vehicles/Persons - Northam / Westward Ho!

This is an ongoing Priority during 2018 with regards to Anti - social Behaviour, persons and/or vehicles and the work around reassurance and preventing ASB.

Patrols are / have been ongiong throughout 2018.  

The North Torridge Coastal Policing Team will be listening to any concerns or issues regarding ASB around persons and or incidents involving vehicles.

Problems can be identified through officer patrols, the force web site via facebook and engagement events.       

Please do not hesitate to contact the Police on the following number : 101 for General Enquiries, and 999 for Emergencies.

Update July 2018:

So far we have continued patrols in the area. We have also done a letter drop to residents in one of the key problem areas.


Issued 8 May, 2017

Action taken

Update: 22 November 2018 - November 20178

Few further reports. Key individuals made subject to monitoring aND ASB escalation

Update: 22 November 2018 - March 2018

We have continued to monitor these areas and have seen a vast reduction in calls/contact regarding these areas.

Update: 22 November 2018 - Update Jan 2018

Patrols have continued in this area. We have completed several letter drops in the area and worked closely with the local housing providers. We have seen a reduction in the reports of anti social behaviour/driving from some of our problem areas.

Actioned 22 November, 2018

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