Local policing priorities for Lynton & Lynmouth

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Nuisance Off Road motorbikes, Quads and 4x4 Vehicles

Police have received complaints about damage and nuisance by off roading across Exmoor in and around, The Valley of Rocks, The Heddon Valley, Holdstone Down, Ilkerton and Cheriton. This causes damage to the SSSI sites and property along paths. The Police are working with the National Trust, Exmoor National Park Authority and land owners to deal with this issue.

Issued 15 February, 2018

Action taken

Update: 21 March 2018 - more reports received...

March 2018

We have received more reports of off road bikes causing a nuisance on the foot paths around the Trentishoe area.

if you come across any of these bikes please report them to the police ASAP, giving as much detail of the bikes as possible.


Feb 2018 - So Far we have .......

Liased with both Exmoor National Park Authority and Exmoor National Trust.

Published articles in The Lyn Valley news and over the social media networks highlighting the the tracks they are allowed to ride on and the path's and bridle ways they are not allowed to ride on, along with the penalties for doing so.


Actioned 21 March, 2018


Rural non-dwelling burglaries

Rural areas of North Devon have been targetted by theives usually working overnight to enter barns, garages and sheds looking for power tools.

There is currently an ongoing series of such offences that the police are aware of.  Usually, there will be no reports for a period of days and then a number of crimes reported over one night in a particular area. Often these theives travel from other areas to commit crime like this.

Whilst it is difficult for the police to be in the right place to catch them in the act, targetted patrols led to the stop check and arrest of a  male in a vehicle in Bishops Nympton on 27/03/17 with what was believed to be stolen fuel.

The main chance police have for apprehending offenders is in response to calls from the public about suspicious behaviour at night.  Please do not be afraid to call 999 if you feel someone may in the area of your home looking to commit crime at night.  We would rather come and find it was something innocent than not come and for you discover a burglary in the morning.

Always try to get a registration number of vehicles used by the offenders.

Issued 31 March, 2017

Action taken

Update: 15 February 2018 - So far we have....

Lynton, Lynmouth and Exmoor thankfully have not had any reported non-dwelling or Dwelling Burglaries, and remains a low crime area.

Farm watch update

Spring 2018

Lambing Season is upon us and Lynton officers are reminding residents and visitors to the area that it is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep - this includes attacking or chasing.

Among the worries for farmers is the stress from being chased can cause sheep to die, pregnant ewes can miscarry and serious injury can be caused while trying to escape.

Dog bites can lead to the death of livestock of cause various expensive complications and lambs can be 'mis-mothered', resulting in them dying from starvation or hypothermia.

If a farmer reports a dog is worrying or attacking their livestock, they have the power to protect them by all reasonable measures including shooting the dog.

This is a busy time of year and you the farmer need to be vigilant and make sure all your equipment is put away and locked up, if you would like your items marked please contact PCSO 30366 Grace Cleverdon at Lynton via 101 or email  30366@dc.pnn.police.uk

Summer 2017

To help combat rural crime, Lynton Local Policing Team are in possession of a stamping kit enabling us to mark horse tack, also an etching kit to security mark farm equipment.

There are several dates available for Farm security marking  in the next several months, if you want your farm equipment marked, contact PCSO Grace CLEVERDON 30366 by email if you would like to book a date. grace.cleverdon@dc.police.uk 

our area thankfully have not had any rural thefts, but others have, so please be vigalant at all times, if you see anything your not happy with, REPORT IT.

Actioned 15 February, 2018



The Poaching of Exmoor's famous Red Deer is a criminal activity that threatens the presence of these beuatiful animals on the moor.  The use by criminals of firearms to engage in this activity also creates a real risk of harm to users of the moor and an enviroment where local residents can feel in fear of intimidation from those involved.

Over the past few seasons, Police have combined with staff from other agencies on a focussed campaign to counter this criminality.

All well as joint covert and overt night time patrols to locate those involved, individuals suspected of these activities have been visited and warned of the consequences for them should they choose to continue and are found breaking the law.

Food outlets have been informed of their responsibility to ensure they know meat served from their premises is lawfully sourced.

Presentations have been delivered to many community groups explaining the law and how individuals can best report intelligence or activities that they witness.

It is only together that we will counter this distasteful activity and safeguard the welfare of the deer and local communities.

If you have information about anyone poaching, you can provide information anonymously through crimestoppers: 0800 555111.  If you come across poaching or hear gun shots at night then ring either 101 or 999 if it is still going on.

Issued 30 March, 2017

Action taken

Update: 15 February 2018 - Poaching continues to be a problem

Poaching continues to be a problem across the whole of Exmoor, Multi agencies are working together to combat this distasteful activity.

If you have information about poaching, you can provide information anonymously through Crime stoppers: 0800 555111.

If you come across poaching or hear gun shots at night then ring either 101 or 999 if it is still going on.

Actioned 15 February, 2018

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