Local policing priorities for Exmouth Halsdon & Withycombe

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Speeding concern

Speeding concern in Exmouth.

Exmouth police will be actively administering speed operations at various locations over the next few months.

These operations are to raise awareness of road speed and to educate drivers of the need to slow down to the road speed limit or less.



Issued 15 May, 2019


Seafront boy racers

The warmer weather will enevitably attract youngsters to the seafront along with their vehicles and some of their behaviour will cause concern for the public.

Police have many planned operations to help stop and perturb individuals.

With hopefully the message spreading out to stay away from the area, or face having your vehicle scrutinised by police to comply in every way, with correct documentation and lawful modifications.

Those that do not adhere to police requests will be prosecuted and dealt with.

Issued 29 April, 2019


Van Tool Theft

Police are still asking the public to be vigilant around tool theft, especially workmen with vans that they may leave unlocked and unattended.

Thieves will purposefully only target vans and will go around meticulously taking their chance with every van they can get their eyes on.

Even coming back to a vehicle if they feel they might get caught.

Police are very much aware of how these criminals work and their demeanour.

The police will actively stop check vehicles that they feel are out of place and have a list to actively look out for, that come to our knowledge, of potential suspects.

There will be planned operations also across the year, that target specifically to this crime.

Police are urging the public to be vigilant and looking out for suspects and to call us should anything be amiss.


Issued 29 April, 2019


Shoplifting in the area

Police are actively running operations to guard against shoplifters from retail businesses.

On-going targetted operations will be utilized to effectively perturb thieves.

Police also are asking for the public to remain highly vigilant to activity and to call incidents in as and when they are happening or as near to.


Issued 29 April, 2019

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