Local policing priorities for Clyst Valley, Woodbury & Lympstone

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Disorder from youths

The local neighbourhood police are receiving calls of disorder from youths and their anti-social behaviour, in the local area.

We are targetting patrols and operations to address the problem, and eliminate the concerns that are arising.

If you witness any inappropriate behaviour of any kind, or are intimidated at all, then please call 101 or 999 if the offenders are still on the scene.


Issued 30 December, 2018


Speeding concerns

The local neighbourhood police team across the New year will be conducting operations along with the wider police family, to calm the speed of road users.

Several roads continuously are mentioned to the police as being fast roads above their current speed limit. These roads will be targetted as hot spots for speedsters and appropriate fines and ways of dealing with offenders will be utilized.


Issued 30 December, 2018


Perturbing Shoplifters

Shoplifting is still a high priority for police and there are operations planned to help infiltrate individuals who thieve.

The colder months will see a spike in shoplifting as individuals will be more dependant on food to keep warm and alcohol.

The police urge the public to keep a keen eye on activity and to alert local shop keepers and the police as and when an incident occurs.

999 is to be called should an offender be still on scene.


Issued 30 December, 2018


Boy racers seafront

There will be numerous operations lead by the police across the New Year 2019, targetting younger car owners and boy racers along Exmouth seafront.

Educating them to a more respectful road use and other vehicle awareness.

The police will also be checking all documentation and any illegal modifications.



Issued 30 December, 2018


Tool theft from vans

There have been several crimes of power tools being taken from works vans in the Exmouth area.

Police are urging the public to be vigilant, to not leave expensive items in vehicles overnight, and to park vehicles in well lit areas or secured in garages.



Issued 30 December, 2018

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