Local policing priorities for Ellacombe

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Operation Roxbury. Tackling drug use and antisocial behaviour

Op Roxbury is the local response to issues linked to the use and supply of controlled substances in Torquay and the often seen anti-social and criminal behaviours and result.  Much of our activity at the moment is focused on the Town Centre and the impact a few individuals are having in specific localities. 



Issued 21 May, 2018

Action taken

Update: 23 December 2018 - Operation Roxbury. Tackling drug use and antisocial behaviour


We have had some recent successes, working with our Torbay Council Colleagues, in that one key individual has been charged with a serious public order offence and has Court Bail conditions banning them from a certain road that was affected by their behaviour whilst another individual is now subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order and is banned from a wider area and carrying out certain activities.  Other individuals are subject to ongoing criminal investigations or are subject to the multi-agency anti-social behaviour escalation process that will support future CBO or Injunction applications.

Operation Commonwealth is another aspect of our activities and relates to the searching of properties linked to the supply of controlled substances.  Over the last 12 months the local Neighbourhood Team have used Court Search Warrants to search 35 properties and have recovered an estimated £97, 000 of controlled substances.  Several individuals have been prosecuted and more remain under investigation.




Update: 23 December 2018 - Operation Roxbury

On a daily basis staff from outside our immediate policing area are being directed into Torquay to provide additional resilience and conduct foot patrol within the town centre to tackle drug related offending and anti social behaviour.

We have been successful in obtaing Criminal Behaviour Orders on individuals excluding them from certain areas of the town and from exhibiting certain behaviours. This work continues and partner agencies meet on a weekly basis to discuss the key individuals causing us concern and formulate plans to address their behaviours and provide the support they may need to turn them away from a life of regular offending.

Update: 23 December 2018 - Operation Roxbury in December

During December the neighbourhood team have been focused on both visible and plan clothed foot patrols within the town centre tackling anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and shoplifting. In addition to this a number of positive drug warrants have taken place at addresses in Torquay.

Actioned 23 December, 2018


Operation Tigerbay. Tackling youth related anti-social Behaviour

Op Tigerbay is the local multi agency response to youth ASB issues. We meet once a month with colleagues from the Council, Social services, Education and the Youth Offending to review activities and ongoing interventions that are being progressed in regards to some of our identified key individuals.  Operational activity around Tigerbay are driven though the local team, who work as closely as they can with Schools and Youth Groups.  The desire and focus is always to try to divert young people away from anti-social and criminal activities as quickly as possible, as we all know that decisions made and things done when they are young can have an impact on the rest of their lives.


Issued 21 May, 2018

Action taken

Update: 23 December 2018 - Operation Tigerbay

One individual who had a big impact on us last year is currently serving a 4 year sentence at a Young Offenders Institute for offences that were committed.

Update: 23 December 2018 - OP Tigerbay work continues

This is expected to be a long term problem solving operation and partner agencies continue to meet once a month to discuss and formulate plans around individuals causing us most concern either as offenders or potential victims.

We have been successful in obtaining a gang injunction on an individual who was responsible for crime and disorder in our area. This injunction puts significant restrictions on their behaviour and gives us the power to more effectively tackle their offending.

Funding was obtained for additional patrols over the summer to be targetted towards Operation Tigerbay priority areas.

Update: 23 December 2018 - December 2018

Operation Tigerbay is an on going partnership initiative which identifies young people at risk of exploitation or offending and ensures effective support and enforcement action is put in place.

Actioned 23 December, 2018

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