Local policing priorities for Clifton-with-Maidenway

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Op Lambast

Knife crime has been in the media a great deal recently both nationally and locally and we understand that the public are concerned about this. We are developing a BCU plan for South Devon in relation to this which will include a number of measures from the Police and our partners. Sergeant Steve Taylor is developing the local plan for Paignton in response to some recent knife crime and in line with the BCU plan. We will be targeting individuals known to carry knives, we will be increasing high visibility patrols and use of stop & search. We will in conjunction with our partners be visiting knife retailers and offering advice and guidance. We will also be doing intervention work in schools. A knife amnesty is planned for later in the year. Community intelligence is vital in our efforts to tackle this issue so please continue to support us by reporting information through 101 telephone/email or sending emails direct to the neighbourhood team.

Issued 28 August, 2019

Action taken

Update: 09 October 2019 - Update - 25th September 2019

  • Knife amnesty was 16-21st September – although the amnesty has now finished the paignton neighbourhood team will still be taking knives to disposed of safley. Please emil the team using the contact us page or phone 101 to arrange this.
  • Proactive operations are currently ongoing in the Paignton area. We will be targeting individuals known to carry knives and carrying out stop and search activity in hot spot areas for knife crime and anti-social behaviour in Paignton. On Saturday 7th September Officers from the Neighbourhood Team supported by officers from the Force Support Group, Armed Response Unit, Professional Development Unit and special Constabulary conducted checks of individuals in the Paignton area. Several people were searched using Police powers. No weapons were found. We have further operations planned for the coming weeks.
  • Intervention work for young people in schools is currently being developed by the Community Safety Partnership and the Neighbourhood team will be supporting this activity in schools and community groups.
  • Intelligence is key to tackling this problem so please contact us direct via email if you have any information about people carrying knives. You can also use crimestoppers if you wish to give information anonymously or phone the Police on 101

Update: 09 October 2019 - October Update

It has been a busy few weeks for the Paignton and Brixham Neighbourhood Team.  Officers have been deployed  under Operation LAMBAST which has dealt positively with both knife crime and youth and adult anti-social behaviour.  A total of 28 knives and weapons were surrendered to the Neighbourhood Team under the recent knife  amnesty.   We continue to work closely with our professional partners to deal positively with all anti-social behaviour, this behaviour will not be tolerated and we will be seeking civil solutions where the evidence for criminal prosecutions is unavailable.

Actioned 9 October, 2019


Op Moonward – Anti-Social Behaviour

Operation Moonward is the ongoing operation within Paignton Town centre aiming to tackle anti-social behaviour issues of adults and young persons within the town centre, Victoria Park and beach areas.


We work closely with partners to develop a multi-agency approach to anti-social behaviour, linking with our partners including the Council, local businesses and charities to adopt a range of options to alter behaviours of those in the community causing anti-social problems.


 These could include designing out problems in the town by moving or removing street furniture, boarding up or protecting vulnerable locations and making improvements to CCTV. We undertake hi-visibility patrols as well as plain clothes patrols and use evidence gathering equipment to record activity. Where issues do arise we have dispersal orders that can be put in place to remove persons from the town area or if necessary arrested.

Issued 27 March, 2019


Op Olympic – Safeguarding communities

Operation Olympic is an operation being run throughout Brixham and Paignton


It is aimed at the disruption to the supply of class A drugs and the production and supply of class B drugs throughout Paignton and Brixham. This is to ensure the local community is fully protected and safeguarded from the harm caused by the buying, selling and use of illegal substances and class A and B drugs within Paignton.


We work closely with the local communities, Devon & Cornwall, & Dorset Police Dog handlers, the Force Support Group and the local neighbourhood teams to action warrants and perform proactive drugs disruption operations throughout Paignton.


This operation is ongoing. It started in November 2016 and so far has disrupted and seized drugs in excess of £130,000

Issued 27 March, 2019

Action taken

Update: 10 July 2019 - Operation Olympic Update

Since Operation Olympic was set up we have completed 125 premises search warrants and 64 licensed premises searches using the police drugs dog. This has resulted in £762,700 worth of drugs and cash seizures and 92 arrests.

Actioned 10 July, 2019


Op Mosaic- Reducing death and serious injury on the roads

Op Mosaic is the ongoing operation to target vehicle offences on the roads across Paignton and Brixham.


It is aimed at those committing offences on the roads and using vehicles to commit crime. This is to ensure that the community can use the road network safely and to reduce the instances of those killed or seriously injured on the roads.


We utilise the fixed ANPR camera system with Torbay as well as mobile ANPR systems with support from the Safety Camera Partnership, No Excuses Team and Roads Policing Officers. We are often supported by Student Officers, Special Constables and Police Officers from across Torbay when we undertake static vehicle check operations.

Issued 27 March, 2019

Action taken

Update: 09 October 2019 - Operation Mosaic Update

Since Op Mosaic was set up we have seized 26 vehicles, arrested 24 persons for drink/drug driving offences, 1 for driving whilst disqualified, 22 people have been reported  to court for driving offences with 45 people dealt with for speeding with out of court disposals.

Update: 09 October 2019 - October Update

We are in the process setting up a community speed watch programme in which members of our community will support police in dealing with reports of speeding motorists, under Operation MOSIAC. "

Actioned 9 October, 2019


ASB and Aggressive Begging Paignton Town Centre

An issue of street begging and associated ASB has recently been highlighted to the Paignton Town neighbourhood policing team. To combat this issue we have created a problem solving plan, which will involve identifying and highlighting problem individuals and taking positive action to deter their behaviour. The individuals concerned often live very chaotic lifestyles and direct prosecution is not always a successful approach as any fine imposed may well lead to more begging. We will and have proceeded with positive actions where appropriate but will also be working with partner agencies to support and signpost individuals away from their anti-social lifestyle.

Issued 3 July, 2018

Action taken

Update: 30 May 2019 - Multi Agency Meeting

A multi-agency meeting was held on 22nd May. The team identified and discussed the top ten adult perpetrators of anti-social behaviour in Paignton.  A plan was put in place to tackle these individuals with a variety of different methods from drug & alcohol and housing interventions to enforcement and evidence gathering for a Criminal Behaviour Order. The no drink zone signs around the town have been surveyed to ensure they are all in good condition and correct. We will enforce this zone and advise our rough sleepers and street drinkers regarding their behaviour whist offering support and advice that is available from partner agencies.

Update: 15 May 2019 - ASB Meeting

We are currently reviewing the issues around anti social behaviour in Paignton town centre and will be meeting with the ASB co-ordinator from Torbay council to develop a strategy to deal with the problem. Updates will be coming soon.

Update: 13 August 2018 - Positive Action Taken

In the last week we have:


A male was arrested and charged to court for breaching a criminal behaviour order (CBO) previosuly imposed on him to prevent his ASB and begging

Two further individuals have been identified and offered support  and signposting and placed them on the first rung of the council ASB escalation process

A criminal investigation has been instigated with a second male already identified as an issue with a view to prosecution and ASB council escalation.


In order for us to make a success of this operation we need the public to assist and provide us with information and if need be support prosecutions by being willing to give testimony and attend court. Information can be passed to the town centre team when on foot patrol or e mail us at our Neighbourhood e mail account on the Police website.’

Thanks - Paignton Town Neighbourhood Team


Update: 13 August 2018 - Further Arrest

A male suspect seen begging within Paignton Town center and in breach of a Criminal Behavior Order (CBO) initially ran from police to avoid detention but was located and following a short foot pursuit detained and arrested. Unfortunately this male was one of the few who will not engage or respond to attempts to signpost him to support agencies hence the CBO and positive action. However in custody he was offered and did ask to speak with drug and housing workers so we could be moving forward with him. Since his arrest on the 31st July he seems to have been noticeably absent from the town, so hopefully he is starting to get the message!

Update: 13 August 2018 - Ongoing Patrols

We have been conducting regular patrols in the town and around the problem area in Crossways. Happy to report that we have not located any individuals in either area causing issues. We will maintain our high visibility patrols, signposting and positive action for the near future to ensure that the issues continue to decline. It would appear that our approach has had a quick and positive effect on those causing the community problems, however we will not sit on our laurels and if you know different please let us know by contacting the Paignton Neighbourhood team via the Devon and Cornwall Police link. All contacts will be replied to.

Many Thanks Sergeant 6072 Graham Arkell

Actioned 30 May, 2019

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