Local policing priorities for Okehampton Rural East

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Uncapped needles found in public toilets in Okehampton

Ongoing issue with reports of uncapped needles found in public toilets near the post office. Drug paraphernalia were found by the swing bin, it appears that swing bins are being used to store these items.


Issued 9 January, 2019

Action taken

Update: 09 January 2019 - 9/1/19

Response officers had been informed and aware of the situation.

The town council has been informed and currently liaising with West Devon Borough Council to find ways to resolve the issue.

Together Devon have been informed and they are going to inform their officers to pass the message to their clients not to use the public toilets to take their prescription.

We're currently patrolling the area as part of our target.

Actioned 9 January, 2019


Anti-Social Behaviour in Okehampton including Graffiti

The Autumn has seen a rise in reports of Anti-Social Behaviour by young people in the town including under-age drinking, graffiti and children missing from home or school.

Officer are routinely tasked to patrol in identified hot spots to try and deter or catch offenders and work is being done to divert identified supects away from committing crime.

Issued 16 November, 2018

Action taken

Update: 09 January 2019 - 9/1/19

  • Work in partnership with the local council, school and young people to set up a graffiti project to paint the blue bridge in Okehampton Town.

         This is currently being implemented and ongoing, which will commence in spring.

  • By way of community resolution some of the young people were cleaning some of the graffiti in Town.

Actioned 9 January, 2019


Thefts from Motor Vehicles

Since April this year there has been an increase in thefts from unattended motor vehicles, particularly in isolated car parks within Dartmoor National Park. This has coincided with the improved weather and increased activity by walkers in the Dartmoor National Park. As a result the neighbourhood team and response officers have been conducting high-visibility patrols and undercover patrols to vulnerable locations, handing out leaflets, offering advice to walkers and attempting to identify suspicious activity. There has also been a press and social media campaign to highlight the issue to locals and tourists. Dartmoor rangers are also aware and banners have been placed at some locations to warn motorists.


Issued 25 May, 2018

Action taken

Update: 09 January 2019 - 9/1/19

We advised people on facebook and twitter that they need to lock their vehicles and not to leave their valuable things in the car. They need to be vigilant.

Update: 09 January 2019 - Jan 3rd 2019

After a quieter period during the summer months there has been another blip in crimes - this time where commercial vans have been targetted - this apppears to be linked with a trend of similar offences accross the whole force.


If you have a commercial vehicle left on the road overnight please consider removing all your tools at night or fitting extra security on doors.

There has continued to be a high number of theft from vehicles both at traditional beauty spots but also in the two main towns of Okehampton and Tavistock.

we continue to increase patrol of relevant areas.

Actioned 9 January, 2019

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