Local policing priorities for Ivybridge Rural South

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Speeding near primary schools

We have had a few complaints regarding speeding past local primary schools.


We are in the process of a setting up a joint operation with one of the local primary schools to carry out School Speed Watch.

This is a great project we carry out with the year six pupils where they are allowed to catch speeding drivers with our assistance.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Marine Crime

We have seen a slight increase in marine crime, namely Kayakes, from Wembury.


We are increasing our patrols in this area and issuing crime prevention advice to those who may be affected.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Speeding through Lee Mill

Residents are complaing about speeding through Lee Mill Village and vehicles exiting the A38 and coming into the the village at high speeds.

Several residents contacted me in 2017 to enquire about setting up a Community Speed Watch scheme which I fully supported.  Over time, all but 1 resident dropped out, and to date we still olnly have 1 resident vetted and ready to be trained.  However the scheme can only operate with two or more people signed up.  I have advertised, via social media, for more volunteers.


I have also been invited to a meeting on June 15th at The Westaward Inn to dicsuss the speeding issues.

Issued 16 May, 2018


New Community Speed Watch Brixton and Yealmpton

We are in the process of setting up two NEW Community Speed Watch Schemes with Brixton and Yealmpton Parishes, due to a number of complaints we have receieved regarding speeding through the villages.

The scheme operates on volunteers, who are vetted, and then trained to operate a speed radar to gather speed data for the police.


The sites are safety checked and all volunteers wear hi-viz jackets.



Issued 16 May, 2018


Parking outside schools

We have a received a number of complaints regarding parking outside schools, predominantly during the drop off and pick up times.


This is an on-going issue that ALL primary schools have during the term time dates.  We have been providing advice in relation to the Civil Enforcement Parking officers website and how people can make the relevant agencies aware. 

We will continue to monitor the parking issues and deal as appropriate.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Non dwelling burglaries


We have seen a slight increase, however, we continue to patrol the isolated areas and be a high visibility deterrant.

There has been an increase in the amount of non dwelling burglaries that have been reported. A campaign will be carried out to raise awareness, Information will be distributed to highlight how to target harden properties.

Issued 9 November, 2017

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - This is still an ongoing issue

Work is continuing in this area

Actioned 16 May, 2018


Theft from motor vehicles


This appears to have decreased and we hope to attribute this to the awareness we spread advising car owners to lock their vehicles via social media.


There is currently an issue around the town whereby items are being stolen from vehicles.  Most of the vehicles that have been targeted were insecure and the targeted property is cash, mobile phones, sat nav etc.

There has been thefts from work vans over the months, we do not think these are related and feel that whoever maybe doing these are possibly out of area criminals who have a skeleton key to open vehicles. Again there is no pattern and they are intermitent breaks.

Issued 25 July, 2017

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - Actions so far

We have publicised the issue in the press and social media to raise awareness.  We have also targeted areas throughout the town to look for insecure vehicles ourselves using special constables and police cadets.  We have contacted the owners of all the insecure vehicles and offerred them advice.

We have been working with second hand shops in the area to see if any of the items are being sold through them. 

One suspect has been summonsed to court in relation to the thefts however they are still ongoing.

December 2017

We have seen a decrease in theft from motor vehicles however it is still occurring intermitently.  It makes it very difficult for us to Police as who ever the Offender/Offenders are they choose different times/nights/areas, there is no pattern for us to target.

We still urge people to lock their vehicles as it appears only insecure vehicles are being targeted





Actioned 16 May, 2018


Community Speed Watch Scheme


16/05/18 - new volunteers have stepped foreard and are going through the vetting process. 


Local people have complained about speeding in Wotter, Shaugh Prior, Woolwell and Bickleigh Village.

Speeding through the moors is common and has previously resulted in sheep/horse deaths.  This can range from commuters, residents and delivery vehicles.

Shaugh Prior would appear to be commuters through the village as opposed to the residents.

The speeding in Woolwell is on Woolwell Road, mainly around the afternoon school pick up times by the zebra crossing.

In Bickleigh it is the main road through the village entering from either Tavistock Road or from Shaugh Prior.


Issued 31 July, 2014

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - So far we have


The vetting process has recently changed which means this can now be completed a lot quicker.  A meeting is scheduled for 1/11/17 with a new volunteer and 2 more people have just showed an interest in joining our scheme in lee mill. Hopefully we can get our volunteers out in the New Year.


There are currently more volunteers going through the vetting process so more checks will be conducted soon.  Thank you to the volunteers.



The two volunteers have been out over the last few months and I have also joined them and given out tickets to those who are speeding - we were all out again today with another date for next week.



We lost one volunteer so are looking for someone else to join instead.  We currently only have 2 qualified volunteers and they have been out on a few occasions.  Please contact us if you are interested.


Training commences for the new volunteers on 3rd November. After they have been trained they will be out on a few supervised sessions before going out as a team to gather data.


Todate we have 4 new volunteers for the Wotter/Lee Moor and application packs have all been completed.  The next stage is vetting which takes 6-8 weeks.  1 volunteer had to drop out for personal issues.

December 2014

Unfortunately 2 of the Bickleigh volunteers resinged from the scheme due to other committements.  Due to the team being halved in numbers it has not been possible to operate on just 2 people.  We have advertised for new volunteers without success.



2 of our volunteers have handed back their completed forms which are now in the hands of the vetting team.



We now have 6 volunteers for the speed watch team.  Full application packs have gone out to 4 of them whilst we are still waiting for the Pre-Eligibility Forms to come back from the other two.


At present there is a Community Speed Watch Team set up in Bickleigh who regulary monitor the speeds through their village.  This has resulted in some drivers being warned re their speeds and a few being spoken to by the Neighbourhood Team.


We have also recruited 4 new volunteers to help set up a Team for Woolwell.  Eligibility Tests have been passed and now the volunteers are awaiting their application packs to complete. We are hoping the new Team will be up and running by Christmas.

Actioned 16 May, 2018


Speeding through Wotter/Lee Moor



16/05/18 - new volunteers have come forwward to be vetted and trained.  I have also requested the Roads Safety Team put out the traffic monitoring equipment along the 'New rOAD' where the majority of ASB complaints are about.


High speeds through the long country road between Wotter and Lee Moor heading into Shaugh Prior.

Issued 23 April, 2014

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - So far we have


I have a meeting scheuled for today with two our of volunteers to start getting them out again and I will be carrying out my own checks along this road also.


Checks are ongoing with local officers, special constables and the community speed watch.



The speed ace device is currently out of action due to it be re-callibrated. The roads are still being monitored by mobile units.



Speed checks carried out on 4th June - no one was speeding and officers then got called aware to deal with a high risk missing person.  Further checks will be carried out shortly.



Wotter has been designated as a Neighbourhood Speed Watch site and regular checks will be carried out. 

If using the Speed Radar device the Registered Keeper of the speeding vehicle will be sent a warning latter regarding their speeding.

If using the Speed Ace the vehicle will be stopped and the driver issued a ticket for their speeding.

Actioned 16 May, 2018


Anti Social Behaviour


Over the last weekend we have had an increase in anti-social behaviour by a large group of youths, males and females.  They have been captured on CCTV and steps have been taken to identify them all and speak to them with their parents.  As a team we do not tolerate ASB  and will try to resolve it and nip any groups doing this as soon as possible.

Groups of youths hanging around the main shopping area causing members of the public to feel intimidated.



Issued 8 January, 2014

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - So far we have

December 2017

This is and most likely will always be an issue and one we will keep dealing with by regular foot/car patrol.  Youths will either be moved on or if they are committing offences will have their details taken and dealt with

21/04/17 Regular patrols in these locations and yet reports are slowing down, mainly on weekends if any reports still being made and during the holidays.

14/03/16 We have received a few reports of ASB recently where the persons imvolved have been smashing bottles, tresspassing on the Mill Site and driving around bollards the wrong way.  We have been provided with possible names but need more evidence in the way of witnesses.

22/10/15 - we have received very few reports of anti-social behaviour of late.  Patrols continue.

Recently the Bridge Project has been set up by the Skate Park on a Friday evening, run by the Methodist Church offering free hot drinks and a covered place to sit and chat. This has proved very popular and an asset to the town.



Actioned 16 May, 2018

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