Local policing priorities for Ivybridge Rural South

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Speeding near primary schools

We have had a few complaints regarding speeding past local primary schools.


We are in the process of a setting up a joint operation with one of the local primary schools to carry out School Speed Watch.

This is a great project we carry out with the year six pupils where they are allowed to catch speeding drivers with our assistance.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Marine Crime

We have seen a slight increase in marine crime, namely Kayakes, from Wembury.


We are increasing our patrols in this area and issuing crime prevention advice to those who may be affected.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Community Speed Watch Scheme

We are in the process of setting up two NEW Community Speed Watch Schemes with Brixton and Yealmpton Parishes, due to a number of complaints we have receieved regarding speeding through the villages.

The scheme operates on volunteers, who are vetted, and then trained to operate a speed radar to gather speed data for the police.


The sites are safety checked and all volunteers wear hi-viz jackets.



Issued 16 May, 2018


Parking outside schools

We have a received a number of complaints regarding parking outside schools, predominantly during the drop off and pick up times.


This is an on-going issue that ALL primary schools have during the term time dates.  We have been providing advice in relation to the Civil Enforcement Parking officers website and how people can make the relevant agencies aware. 

We will continue to monitor the parking issues and deal as appropriate.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Non dwelling burglaries


We have seen a slight increase, however, we continue to patrol the isolated areas and be a high visibility deterrant.

There has been an increase in the amount of non dwelling burglaries that have been reported. A campaign will be carried out to raise awareness, Information will be distributed to highlight how to target harden properties.

Issued 9 November, 2017

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - This is still an ongoing issue

Work is continuing in this area

Actioned 16 May, 2018

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