Local policing priorities for Ivybridge Rural South

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


SPEEDING past Primary Schools!

We have had a few complaints regarding speeding past local primary schools. So what do we do about it I hear you ask.

School Speed Watch is something we offer to all year 6 pupils in our local primary schools - all it takes is for the school to get in touch with us and we will assess a suitable location and go from there.

Every pupil/staff/police wear a high vis vest and we monitor the speed of on-coming traffic with a speed gun.  The pupils all enjoy this experience.  If we detect a vehicle speeding we stop that vehicle and the driver is then 'questioned' by the pupils, as opposed to being given a traffic ticket

In January 2018 we carried out School Speed Watch with pupils from Bickleigh Down CofE school, and the same in March with Stowford Primary school.

This is a great project we carry out with the year six pupils where they are allowed to catch speeding drivers with our assistance.

Issued 14 September, 2018


Parking outside schools

As the new school year starts we have already received a number of complaints regarding parking outside schools, predominantly during the drop off and pick up times.

This is an on-going issue that ALL primary schools have during the term time dates.  We have been providing advice in relation to the Civil Enforcement Parking officers website and how people can make the relevant agencies aware. 

Unfortunately  this problem will never go away unless parents/carers start parking more considerately or walking to school.  However, we do live in the 21st centuary and accept that most parents have to work and drive to the school to make things quicker, but parking infornt of people driveways or garages is not acceptable.

We will continue to monitor the parking issues and deal as appropriate.

Issued 14 September, 2018


Community Speed Watch - JOIN NOW

Do you believe you have a speeding problem through your village?  Have you reported your concerns to your local council and the local police? Do you wonder what the police are doing about it?   

Over the years we have had complaints about speeding in Wotter, Lee Moor, Shaugh Prior, Woolwell, Bickleigh Village, Lee Mill, Yealmpton and Wembury.

Speeding through the moors is common and has previously resulted in sheep/horse deaths.  This can range from commuters, residents and delivery vehicles.

Shaugh Prior would appear to be commuters through the village as opposed to the residents.

The speeding in Woolwell is on Woolwell Road, mainly around the afternoon school pick up times by the zebra crossing.

In Bickleigh it is the main road through the village entering from either Tavistock Road or from Shaugh Prior.

In Yealmpton it is passing traffic through the main village, and similar in Wembury.

So far we have set up 'Community Speed Watch' schemes in these areas and you can join too if you want to make a difference.

Please just contact us to discuss further.

Issued 14 September, 2018


Burglary Advice

Over the years we have suffered from day time burglaries, as well as overnight non-dwelling burglaries.  We see increases during the warmer weather as pople tend to have windows open.  

If you feel your property is an easy target, or you live in an isolated location, or have an elderly relative who lives alone and would like some advice please contact us to arrange a personal visit or advice over the telephone.

We continue to patrol the isolated areas and be a high visibility deterrant.


Issued 14 September, 2018


Marine Crime

We have seen a slight increase in marine crime, namely Kayakes, from Wembury.


We are increasing our patrols in this area and issuing crime prevention advice to those who may be affected.

Issued 16 May, 2018


Speeding through Wotter/Lee Moor



16/05/18 - new volunteers have come forwward to be vetted and trained.  I have also requested the Roads Safety Team put out the traffic monitoring equipment along the 'New rOAD' where the majority of ASB complaints are about.


High speeds through the long country road between Wotter and Lee Moor heading into Shaugh Prior.

Issued 23 April, 2014

Action taken

Update: 16 May 2018 - So far we have


I have a meeting scheuled for today with two our of volunteers to start getting them out again and I will be carrying out my own checks along this road also.


Checks are ongoing with local officers, special constables and the community speed watch.



The speed ace device is currently out of action due to it be re-callibrated. The roads are still being monitored by mobile units.



Speed checks carried out on 4th June - no one was speeding and officers then got called aware to deal with a high risk missing person.  Further checks will be carried out shortly.



Wotter has been designated as a Neighbourhood Speed Watch site and regular checks will be carried out. 

If using the Speed Radar device the Registered Keeper of the speeding vehicle will be sent a warning latter regarding their speeding.

If using the Speed Ace the vehicle will be stopped and the driver issued a ticket for their speeding.

Actioned 16 May, 2018

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