Local policing priorities for Wadebridge Town

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Parking on the Pavements

These appears to be an increase on the number of reported incidents whereby drivers think it is acceptable to park their car on the pavement. This is not the case and in a bid to tackle this Wadebridge Police will be dealing with these offenders robustly.

Warning notices and fixed penalty tickets will be issued to these offending vehicles.

Remember :- 'Pavements are for People'

Issued 11 March, 2019

Action taken

Update: 21 July 2019 - Update 21/07/2019

We continue to issue warning notices to vehicles, we see, parked on the pavement.

The good news is that we have yet to issue a second notice to the same vehicle. So our message is getting through.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Notices are being issued.

We continue to issue warning notices for parking on pavements, in the Wadebridge area. So far, we have not issued a notice to any vehicle more than once.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Process for Enforcement

As some of you will be aware, the Wadebridge Neighbourhood Team have been placing warning notices on Vehicles which are parked on pavements.

Each vehicle which receives a warning notice will be entered onto a database and should any vehicle receive two notices, they will then be dealt with for obstruction. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Please remember pavements are for people.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Parking On Pavement Update

Wadebridge Police continue to issue warning letters to owner of cars being parked on pavements. Both PCSO Wherry and PCSO Sobye have been out and about throughout Wadebridge and will continue to monitor the situation.


Please can we remind everyone to park courteously.   


Actioned 21 July, 2019


Anti-Social Behaviour in Wadebridge

We have had reports of Anti-Social behaviour in and around Wadebridge.


Issued 4 July, 2018

Action taken

Update: 14 August 2019 - ASB Update 14/08/2019

The summer policing officer has been on duty in the Wadebridge area to tackle ASB around the town.

So far, positive action has been taken in Jubilee Field / Park and also in Polmorla Road.

Please report any instances if ASB by calling 101 or by email to 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Update: 21 July 2019 - Update 21/07/2019

We are please to announce that Wadebridge Police have secured funding, fom the Summer policing budget, to fund an extra officer for Friday and Saturday evenings, for the 6 weeks of summer.

This officers sole purpose is to carry out foot patrol in the town centre and tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.

Update: 03 July 2019 - 'Have your Say' coming soon

Wadebridge Police will soon be out and about in the community with the ASB caseworker from Cornwall Council.

It will be your opportunity to talk about any ASB issues you are experiencing in the Wadebridge area.

Update: 24 May 2019 - Further Reports of ASB

Police have received further reports of ASB in the Jubilee Park area. The local Neighbourhood Team will be out and about throughout the half term and anyone acting in an anti- social manner will be dealt with accordingly.  


Please be courteous and remember that young children play in the park area and do not want to hear foul language and have to pick up litter left by others.


In June 2019, the local neighbourhood Team will be out and about with our partner agencies carrying out a ‘Have your Say’ survey. This will be a great opportunity for anyone with any concerns to raise them with the ASB Cornwall Council Case worker for the area.

Update: 27 April 2019 - ASB Warning Letters Issued

Police have received reports of drug dealing taking place in and around the Wadebridge area. Police take these reports very seriously and will be looking to take positive action in relation to this matter. We have also received reports of ASB, by some local youths. A number of anti-social behaviour warning letters have been issued and the local policing team will continue to monitor and progress the matters where appropriate.

Update: 15 April 2019 - ASB Update

Police continue to receive some reports of ASB in and around the Wadebridge area. However, these do appear to be on the decline. I do suspect that with the warming weather soon to be upon us.... (Fingers crossed) That reports may increase.

Please can I remind everyone, that it only takes a few individuals, behaving in an anti-social manner to ruin it for others. Please be respectful and if you do see any ASB please do not hesitate to report to your local policing team;



Update: 11 March 2019 - 'Have Your Say'

Recently, PCSO Pete Sobye was joined by Cornwall Councillor Karen McHugh and ASB Caseworker, Sarah Dundon and together they carried out doorstop 'Have Your Say' surveys in the area.

We are waiting for these forms to be collected and we can then analyse the responses and form a working plan to tackle any issues.

Update: 11 March 2019 - Further Reports of ASB

Police have received further reports of anti-social behaviour involving youths in and around the areas of Southern Way, The Platt, Jubilee field and Egloshayle Park. Vulnerable victims have been targeted with eggs being thrown, verbal abuse and other criminal acts.

Officers are increasing patrols in the area and ask for your assistance in reporting any such incidents and those involved to us.


Update: 11 March 2019 - Update on ASB

Police are monitoring reports of anti-social behaviour within the Wadebridge town area. To ensure we have a true picture of the problem, Police undertook a ‘Primary Tasking’ throughout November to monitor the situation. The tasking was for further patrols during the evenings. (When operational policing allowed) I am pleased to report that although we had a one report of ASB, all other engagements with some of our local young people were very positive. A few even enjoyed having a look and taking some pictures inside the police van.

  With the colder weather, we have noticed that a number of young people do congregate outside the Co-op. We are assuming that this is to stay out of the wet. However, if any further problems are reported, we do encourage the public to continue to report, so we can take positive action.   

Update: 11 March 2019 - ASB update 02/02/2019

Wadebridge Police are aware that there may have been some incidents of Anti-Social behaviour in the area near the Co-op during the period of snowfall.

We are asking that any incidents of ASB in the Wadebridge area are reported directly to police via either the 101 telephone system or email to 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.

It appears that reports of ASB are being reported to social media sites like 'Love Wadebridge' and not being reported to the local policing team. For us to take positive action we need these reports and any witnesses willing to provide their details to keep us informed.  

Some really positive news: Our new 'Neighbourhood Beat Manager', PC Amy Honeywill has joined us in Wadebridge. She has already been out on foot patrol meeting the local community and is looking forward to some positive engagement in the coming weeks.

The local policing teams will continue to patrol the local areas identified at potential hotspots.

Sgt Sue Honeywill


Update: 11 March 2019 - Update 11/03/2019

Wadebridge Police attended the Wadebridge Pubwatch meeting recently. There, we showed the licensees present, examples of fake ID which can be bought on the internet. Some examples were 'Driving Permit', 'National ID Card' among others.

In a warning to those in posession of these cards, and who use them to obtain alcohol when underage, Police reassured those present that they could sieze these cards and refuse the sale. Police would attend and collect the cards for destruction on a regular basis.

This also appears to be a possible way in which some are obtaining alcohol and tobacco products while underage and increasing the amount of ASB in Wadebridge by consuming the alcohol on the streets.

This behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone underage found in posession of alcohol of cigarettes / tobacco, they will be dealt with robustly.

Actioned 14 August, 2019


Targeting the unlawful supply of Controlled Drugs

Like many towns and cities across the country, Wadebridge, Bodmin and surrounding areas has seen a rise in the supply of controlled drugs linked to ‘County Lines’ Organised Crime Groups. 

We are working hard to target suppliers and dealers and so far in February we have executed 3 Misuse of Drugs Act Warrants at premises in the town, removing drugs and weapons from the streets of Wadebridge and surrounding areas. 

We still need your help to tackle this threat to our community.  We need information about people who you suspect might be involved in drugs activity,  vehicles and phones used by them and any addresses they might be using to store drugs and the proceeds of crime. 

Please report any suspicious activity or where you have any concerns that a family member or friend might be at risk due to taking drugs. 

This isn’t just a police issue, it is a community one and we need your help to rid our community of these criminals who make a living by exploiting vulnerable people. 

You can contact us by phone on 101 (999 in an emergency),  by email using the links on our force website or by approaching an officer in the street, or a member of our organisation who you might know. 

Alternatively you can make an anonymous report via Crime Stoppers by phoning 0800 555 111. 

 Thank you for your help.

Issued 23 February, 2018

Action taken

Update: 21 July 2019 - Update 21/07/2019

We have received some intelligence about the supply of drugs in and around Wadebridge. we are currently developing this intelligence and will be taking action fairly shortly.

If you have any further information regarding the unlawful supply of controlled drugs (not only cannabis, heroin and cocaine but also prescription drugs) then please get in touch with us.

Phone - 101

Crimestoppers (anonymously) - 0800 555111

eMail - wadebridge@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Update: 20 July 2019 - Cuckooing, Organised Crime Gangs and Neighbourhood Watch

Bodmin and Wadebridge police are looking to increase the use of our local ‘Neighbourhood Watch schemes’ (NHW). We have a large number of committed co-ordinators already working in the community to help share information. This really does help to keep our towns and villages safe places to live and work. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to share information with your local policing teams. To report anything suspicious and/or any drug activities in your local areas, please report utilising 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. However, if you would prefer you can always look to discuss with your local NHW Co-ordinator.

If anyone would be interested in setting up a new NHW scheme, then please contact:

PCSO 3008 Pete Sobye for Wadebridge at CIOSNBMWadebridge@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk


PCSO 30298 Jenny Michell for Bodmin at CIOSNBMBodmin@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

County lines is the term used to describe urban gangs supplying drugs to other parts of the UK outside their usual operating area. The gangs are likely to exploit children and vulnerable adults in order to move drugs and money. To do this they will often use intimidation, violence, coercion and there may be the use of weapons.

The local Neighbourhood policing Team (NPT)  are happy to provide advice and guidance on County lines and drug activities and have been attending as many local groups to share the warning signs, including attendance at local town council meetings. Drugs remains a priority for the Bodmin and Wadebridge Neighbourhood Teams and it is important that we all work together to ensure that vital information is shared and reported to combat this issues.

The reality is that Bodmin and Wadebridge has been subject to some county lines activities and although Bodmin and Wadebridge Police have conducted 17 drug warrants over the last 12 months and 2 Premises Closure Orders, more work still needs to be done to address this issue further.

If you do not wish to report direct to the police, then please utilise your NHW co-ordinators. Sharing information is vital to target drug activity in the towns and get as many illegal drugs off the street as possible.

Please log onto to the main Devon and Cornwall police website and enter Cuckooing for further information. This will give full details of the signs to look out for.

Thank You

Sgt Sue Honeywill Bodmin and Wadebridge Neighbourhood Team Leader

Update: 20 July 2019 - Cannabis grow located

Police attended an address in Wadebridge and located a large cannabis grow in progress. Early indications are that the drug siezed could have a street value of over £40,000. A man was arrested at the scene and has been released under investigation.

Update: 20 July 2019 - Further Positive Drugs Warrants Conducted




Two further drugs warrants have been conducted by police this month in the Bodmin Area. One on the 30th November and the second on the 6th December 2018.  Targeting the unlawful supply of drugs will remain our priority- if anyone has any information which may assist us, please get in touch. You can email 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Thank You


Update: 20 July 2019 - Police continue to target dealers but need your help

Targeting organised crimes groups, who unlawfully supply controlled drugs, remains a top priority. We continue to crack down on dealers in the area but need information from the pubic to improve the intelligence picture. Please contact us with any information that might be helpful.

Update: 20 July 2019 - Another Positive Drugs Warrant 23/01/19

Further Positive Drugs Warrant Executed – on 23rd January 2019 a Misuse of Drugs Act Warrant was executed at a residential property in Bodmin. 

A quantity of Class A Drugs were seized and a male has been interviewed and released pending further enquiries. 

We continue to target the dealers and are grateful for any information the public are able to give us to assist in this.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Targeting the Unlawful supply of Controlled Drugs


On 8th August a Misuse of Drugs Act Warrant was executed at a residential property in Wadebridge resulting in the seizure of a quantity of Class B Drugs and the arrest of two people.  Work continues to target the dealers in the area.


Update: 03 July 2019 - Update 11/03/2019

Although we are still receiving intelligence reports on drugs activity in and around Wadebridge, we still need more, to enable us to carry out warrants and other pro-active operations.


Please keep the information coming in by the following means:-

email :- wadebridge@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Crimestoppers :- 0800 555111 (anonymously)

Telephone :- 101

Update: 03 July 2019 - Positive action by Wadebridge Police

Wadebridge are continuing to take positive action in relation to the unlawful supply of illegal drugs. On the 1st May 2019 the Neighbourhood Team, along with the assistance of a dog handler, PC Stephen Waters and his dog jet, used Police Powers, under the Misuse of Drugs Act to stop and search an individual. Positive action was taken and an investigation remains ongoing. If you have any further information regarding the supply of illegal drugs in the town, please do contact us. You can call 101 or email us at wadebridge@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or call crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Positve Action

Police have received reports of drug dealing taking place in and around the Wadebridge area. Police take these reports very seriously and will be looking to take positive action in relation to this matter. We have also received reports of ASB, by some local youths. A number of anti-social behaviour warning letters have been issued and the local policing team will continue to monitor and progress the matters where appropriate.

Update: 03 July 2019 - Intelligence Required

We are currently developing a number of intelligence leads and are confident that we will be able to action these very soon.

If you have any information on the supply of drugs in the Wadebridge area, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Actioned 21 July, 2019


Improving Community Engagement

We are working hard to increase presence and visibility to improve confidence and lines of communication to all urban and rural areas.

We are keen to join with other agencies and local volunteer groups, to help communities become more cohesive and resilient to localised problems. This can include youth groups to reduce ASB, Crime Prevention Advice to improve home security, Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, and any other initiatives which builds the community’s capacity and connectivity to prevent future problems.

Issued 13 February, 2018

Action taken

Update: 14 August 2019 - Social Media

Wadebridge Neighbourhood team has been posting lots of information, advice and details of what we have been up to, on our Wadebridge Police Facebook page.

These updates have been met with some very positive comments from members of the public and also our own PCC!

We will continue to improve our community engagement in this way so please feel free to like our facebook page for more dynamic updates!

Update: 20 July 2019 - Update on Community Engagement

We have recently recruited a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer to assist the Neighbourhood team with admin relating to Neighbourhood Watch, and the 'Alert' System.  Our volunteer is able to liaise with Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and assist them, and add individuals to the Alert database.

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a two way community messaging system operated by Devon and Cornwall Police. The system helps us to connect with our communities, it tells people what is happening in their area and allows them to respond directly with any information.

The system is designed to allow people who register to choose the type of information they would like to receive concerning crime and anti-social behaviour, witness appeals, crime prevention, community events and local good news.

Subscribers will not be notified about every crime or incident that happens in their community. Our aim is to send relevant information where we believe to do so will reduce the opportunity for crime and anti-social behaviour or will help Devon and Cornwall Police solve a crime.


If you wish to sign up to our 'Alert' system please use the link below.


Update: 20 July 2019 - Update on Connectivity & Engagement Plan

In July 2019 Inspector Honeywill and Sargeant Honywill presented our neighbourhood Connectivity and Engagement Plans to a Panel of local dignitaries within Bodmin. We're grateful to our colleagues in the Operations Dept, Vehicle Examiner and Citizens in Policing for their contribution too. Really positive feedback that reinforces the strides we are making to engage with all sections of our communities.

Those present were shown a powerpoint presentation to highlight the important work that the Neighbourhood teams within Bodmin and Wadebridge had done to engage with not only the public, but local Authorities, agencies and other groups within the area. 

Actioned 14 August, 2019

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