Local policing priorities for St Ives Town

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


Protecting the vulnerable

We detect and prevent harm, protect the vulnerable and reduce crime.

Our local team are commited to working in partnership to prevent harm and reduce crime within our communities.

In order to prioritise our work, we rely on the community to report any concerns through our website or via 101.

Please visit the Devon and Cornwall police website to find out who can help with the issues affecting you.

Issued 25 July, 2017


Palemon Best Skatepark

The issues here are deep rooted in the very nature of where the skatepark is situated. It is not over looked and is frequented by the wrong people at the wrong times. There are reported on going issues with the location which is preventing children using it. This is echoed by support from St Ives School.

I am holding a meeting with St Ives Town council tomorrow, having consulted with various agencies.

I liaised with St Ives Town Council back in March who acknowledged the issue relating to the skatepark.

During the last six months we have been conducting regular patrols in the area and trying to proactively deal with issues.

There have been numerous crimes reported at the location over the last two months and we continue to work with the Anti Social Behaviour Team.

There was a joint agency meeting held on Thursday 20th October 2016 to work out the best solution to the issues.

We have held the meeting and St Ives Town Council have now set up a Facebook page and there is an event taking place next week to boost the popularity of the area.

Due to the very nature of the location and the fact it is not overlooked and the consequential issues we have been looking into ways of resolving this and reducing anto social behaviour.

The St Ives Skatepark Project has been started up by a number of volunteers and is very active on facebook. Numerous meetings have been held with the Council and various design companies to choose something iconic as a skatepark. There are varied funding opportunities which are being explored in the hope we can progress this long term project.

In the meantime we continue to conduct regular patrols and there has been small investment to improve the area.

Issued 12 May, 2017

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