Local policing priorities for Isles of Scilly

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.



A reminder to all vehicle users...

YOU are are responsible as the driver of a vehicle to regularly check the condition of your vehicle's TYRES, WIPERS & LIGHTS!!!!

With the incliment weather recently it is paramount that these are in good working order.

Thank you.


Issued 25 January, 2018



Various concerns have been expressed by residents and hotel/guest house owners/holiday let owners and guests around noise levels after midnight in Hughtown St Marys. To address this, officers have changed shifts to stay on until 0300 when there is a temporary event notice to shepherd people through town and disperse them, use the powers allowed under the designated public place order in connection with alcohol related nuisance and generally negotiate with those who have the right to carry on socialising at 3am that they should do so quietly with respect to the rights of others to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Swearing and urinating in public has been dealt with by words of advice, penalty notices for disorder (£90 fine) and buckets of hot soapy water with which the offenders have cleaned up. This is an annual conflict between those who come to Scilly for peace and quiet whose revenue sustains the local economy in large part and those who work in the local economy - seasonal workers and locals who have a right and need to socialise when they have finished work. Late night patrols have been working and PC Wiltshire is exploring the use of street marshals in conjunction with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office and the police licensing officer in Truro.

Street marshals are Security Industry Authority (SIA) trained and there would be an advantage in having street marshals not just for the busier summer evenings but perhaps for major events such as world pilot gig champs, regattas and any other event that might require formally qualified marshals. It would also require local people to be trained up and would then increase their earnings potential with the SIA skill. As said, PC Richard Wiltshire is working on a more sustainable solution.

Issued 13 August, 2017

Action taken

Update: 19 April 2018 - CSP

The Community Safety Partnership met on 19th October. Unfortunately the Licensing Officer was not able to attend. Cornwall Council in the form of Angela Andrews and by email, Jez Bayes have offered lots of very valuable input to reduce alcohol related harm for example through the SMART scheme for bar staff which it is hoped will run in March 2018 for the new season and will dovetail in with CSE and ASB guidance for seasonal staff.

Actioned 19 April, 2018



Visit to St Martins 200517 following the TWOC (taken without consent) of a vehicle which was crashed into a wall. During enquiries we spoke to Councillor Smith who said he would like to see more police presence on the off islands. He said one of the big local concerns is around driving standards, speed and drink driving. We discussed this and agreed that we would provide some information for the local community on driving standards.

The vehicle examiners are over this week and if we can we will visit St Martins. These problems are common to all off islands and there is also a dimension where responsible retail sale of alcohol by licencees could mitigate the risks.  For example, if someone comes in who is driving and asks for a drink it would be possible for the licensee to make sale dependant on that person surrendering their keys until the next morning. It is intended that officers will respond to this concern by more visits to off islands and attention to driving and alcohol. This can be affected by issues on St Marys with its larger population and more problematic driving and alcohol issues.

Issued 20 May, 2017

Action taken

Update: 19 April 2018 - VRM LEGISLATION

We now have some information back from DVLA and our Force Legal Department about the applicability of VERA the vehicle excise legislation and any requirement to have VRM plates on the  off Islands. Once a meeting has been had with the Duchy of Cornwall, then letter will be sent to all off islanders to explain the position in law. It is not clear whether this will promote buggie use or whether it might create problems in obtaining vehicle insurance. Once the meeting has resolved the issues the information will be disseminated especially to the off islanders.

Update: 19 April 2018 - golf buggies

we have had several incidents with visitors on golf buggies driving erratically and with too much speed, treating the buggies as toys. we have spoken to the Scilly Cart company and several groups of drivers and passengers.

Actioned 19 April, 2018

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