Local policing priorities for Sedgemoor North East

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


PCSO Wyatt and Steele are new on the beat and are looking for ways to get to know everyone.

They will be out on foot on the beat in Sedgemoor North West and chatting to local residents but would like your ideas about where is best to meet everyone.

If you have any community events or groups where you would like them to pop in and have a chat please contact them at the following addresses and they will get back to you as soon as they can.




The local beat team have started to see an increase in calls regarding anti-social driving in Cheddar village and the gorge.

Anti Social driving is where a vehicle or group of vehicle's are being used in a manner which is likely to cause members of the public harassment, alarm or distress. For example, loud music, excessive and unnecessary engine revving, wheels spinning, hand brake turns and drifting.

The local beat team are conducting proactive patrols on evenings and weekends to monitor the situation. If you witness a vehicle being used in this manner please call 101 or email the beat team with the registration, description of vehicle and the manner in which the vehicle was being used.

Action taken

We are aware that the Gorge continues to cause concerns to our community following reports of anti- social driving in the area. As a result of this we are closely working with partner agencies to address this. In addition, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and our Special Constabulary continue to work together closely and patrol the area on a regular basis.

Actioned 6 February, 2020

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