Local policing priorities for Redwood

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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities in this neighbourhood.


There continues to be an increase in the amount of ASB occurring within the Ward of Pill especially with the lighter evenings upon us. Police will work towards resolving this issue in partnership with our Council and School Colleagues

Action taken

We have increased patrols in the Pill area specifically targeting groups of youths causing ASB and will continue to work with our partner agencies to address Anti Social Behaviour

Actioned 29 June, 2017


There are continued reports of vehicles speeding within the Villages of Long Ashton, Wraxall, Failand and Leigh Woods area (Rownham Hill, Bridge Road) Police are working in partnership with the Council, Safety Camera Partnership and our Roads Policing Colleagues to address this matter. We are also keen to set up Community Speed Watch Schemes all across The Redwood Beat area and Invite Members of the public to Contact us either via 101 or email if they are interested in volunteering for such a scheme

Action taken

We continue to address speeding in all areas of the Redwood Beat and work in partnership with our colleagues from the Safety Camera Partnership. We are keen to set up Community Speed Watch initiatives within the individual Villages contained within the Beat Area and encourage any residents interested in volunteering to contact the Local Beat Team via the Web Page

Actioned 28 June, 2017


Redwood Beat Team will address Dwelling and Non dwelling Burglaries within the Beat Area. Officers will conduct High Visibility Patrols, identify vulnerable houses and offer advice to those residents found leaving their premises vulnerable. Home Crime Surveys can also be conducted to those who contact the team requesting such a service.

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