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This website is powered by force data available on Crime data displayed on this website is openly available through an API. This means it can be used by local communities and third party developers to create apps and websites to inform service development. This page showcases some of the apps and websites that have been created using our data.

Any link to an app or website submitted to will only be posted according with the policy set out on the submissions page. Any queries about individual apps or tools published need to be directed to the originator.

Apps and websites displayed on this website are not endorsed by the Home Office.


Crime, property sales and population in maps and graphs by postcode area and postcode sector. Summary reports, comparisons and interactive analytic application.

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A tool that lists crime by type and rate based on your postcode or GPS location.

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Geographic Profiler

Geographic Profiler uses Rossmo's renowned geographic profiling formula to map UK Police Crime Data by Force in your local area and allows you to see crime patterns and how they change with time.

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A website that lists all reported crimes by street on a map along with individual crime types and outcomes.

View this app is a website for current and ex-tenants to rate properties they have resided within. Local crimes reported within the area are also included alongside the property info.

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CrimeTeller helps visualize crime patterns at street level. You can identify crime hot-and cool-spots for your safety. The map presents yearly data regarding incidents and offences in reported crimes published by the UK Police.

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A website designed to give people a unique insight into areas and locations showing crime trends, property details and school performance statistics. These are all ranked to enable a simple comparison between locations.

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