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To make this site secure, useful, and easy to use, we sometime place small data files on your computer or mobile phone. These data files are known as cookies. Most other commercial and Government websites do this too.

We use cookies to help us:

  • Remember the information you have already typed in, so you don't need to keep re-entering it.
  • Make the site more secure and protect it against attacks.
  • Measure how you use the website so we can make sure it is useful and meeting your needs.

Our cookies are not used to identify you personally. They contain non-identifiable information only, in most cases just a string of randomly generated numbers and letters. You are free to manage and delete these cookies as you wish.

You can learn more about cookies and how to manage them from GOV.UK: How government websites use cookies. A short video about how Government websites use cookies is also provided below.

Remembering information

Name Content and Description Expires
map_state Serialised JSON, used to store the last state of the crime map When you close your browser
sessionid Signed, Base64-encoded serialised JSON. Used to store, for example, your last search query and your language settings. When you close your browser


Name Content and Description Expires
csrftoken Randomly generated numbers and letters, used to help prevent Cross-site Request Forgery attacks 1 year

Measuring website usage

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how people use this site. For example, what you click on, how long you spend on the site and how you got here. We do this to make sure the site is meeting its users’ needs and to understand how we can improve it. This information cannot be used to identify who you are. We do not allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

Name Content and Description Expires
_ga Randomly generated number, used to distinguish users. 2 years
_gat Randomly generated number, used to throttle request rate. 10 minutes

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